Leo Dottavio Leaves ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2018

Leo Dottavio


In case you didn’t figure it out from the previews of tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Leo Dottavio leaves the show with a bang. Last week, Dottavio showed up in paradise and began to woo a couple of the women, but he focused primarily on Joe Amabile’s love interest, Kendall Long. Dottavio went on a romantic photo shoot date with Long and Joe the Grocer was surprised that the two actually had a good date together.

What Long didn’t know was that Dottavio ended up kissing fellow cast-mate Chelsea Roy after his date with Long. Meanwhile, Long started to consider a future with the long-haired stuntman.

Last night, cast member Kevin Wendt let it slip that Dottavio was locking lips with another woman when he had expressed romantic feelings to Long. This threw Long for a loop and made Amabile let out a sigh of relief. Long sat down with Dottavio, who immediately became defensive and began to put blame on Long, who was hurt and surprised by the reaction. Dottavio called Long “fake” and an “actress” in their brief relationship.

On tonight’s episode, previews show Dottavio mouthing off in front of his cast-mates and breaking out into a fight, throwing his drink. Amabile jumps in to confront Dottavio, winning back Long … at least for the moment.

According to ABC, “Just when one guy is feeling reassured about his relationship after standing up for his love, it’s not long before his free-spirited girlfriend kisses yet another man on the beach. She feels compelled to tell her grocer in shining armor what happened, knowing it will hurt him once again and perhaps even lose his patience once and for all with her wandering ways. Meanwhile, the other man who couldn’t keep his lips to himself no longer expects this capricious woman’s rose, leading to a face-off that almost comes to blows and, ultimately, a hasty departure out of Paradise.” So, it sounds like Dottavio’s days in paradise are over.

Twitter has exploded with hateful comments against Dottavio, as well as praise for Amabile. Even celebrities are getting in on the action. A woman named Kristen Bell tweeted, “Joe let Kendall and Leo have a discussion about their relationship like adults, but stepped in when he saw Leo was getting aggressive and out of hand. Just when I thought I couldn’t love him more.” Another Twitter user named Clare Cohen wrote, “Turning the situation around to make the victim seem like the bad guy. Fuck you Leo, manipulation at its best I’m so proud of Kendall and her strength and self awareness.”

And, another Twitter fan, named Adrianna LaCandia, even accused Dottavio of being abusive. She wrote, “Woah. Red flags. Left and right. I always liked Leo on Becca’s season. He is showing signs of an emotional abuser right now. She is shutting him down the right way. Yes Kendall!!!! Girls this is how you do it. Call him out.”

It’s safe to say that Dottavio won’t be appearing on the series in the future. That’s just our guess.