Marissa Minx Is the Transgender Porn Star on Alex Jones’ Phone

Marissa Minx is the Australian porn star who was shown on Alex Jones’ phone during his show on Info Wars. On August 24, Jones as the camera panned over Jones’ phone, Minx, an Australian transgender porn star’s face and body could clearly be seen. Jones was in the middle of attempting to shill various products that keep his Info Wars network financially afloat. The page that showed Minx included the lines, “Naughty tbabe Marissa Minx relieved of c*** hunger by stud.”

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According to the Independent, Minx is “Australia’s #1 Trans Companion/XXXAdult Model.” In an interview with the Spectator, Minx said, “I think it’s great he’s watching my work. I had heard of Info Wars before… hi Alex Jones! Happy to give you a free membership to my site, or maybe you could have me on your show for a discussion.” Minx doubled up on her positive remarks by saying on Twitter, “I think it’s fantastic he is watching scenes!”

Marissa Minx porn

Instagram/Marissa Minx

One of the reasons that Jones’ content and profiles were removed from YouTube and Facebook was his repeated use of the anti-transgender slur, “Tranny.”

In a July 2018 interview, Minx talked about her fans saying, “I really love interacting with my fans, they are my biggest support and they always tell you the truth and say the sweetest things! I love you peeps!” When asked about the misconceptions about transgender porn stars, Minx replied, “This would have to be my least favorite question. A lot of people think just because we are Trans, we are more risk of having diseases which is so not true I really don’t care what people think, as long as we are safe, clean and tested, we are just like anyone else.” Minx was then asked about what she loved about the porn industry, she replied, “What do I love most in porn? Meeting all these beautiful people who are very open-minded and getting a chance to have some of the best sexual experiences in my life and having FUN!! It’s all about enjoying your self and finding your real kinky side, for me, anyway.”