Mochi the Diabolo Juggler Artist Appears on AGT 2018

Mochi Diabolo Artist


Mochi, whose real name is Yusaku Mochizuki, is an artist, who practices diabolo. He appears on AGT 2018 as a multimedia juggler act, who says that he practices his craft 6 hours per day. Mochi said that his family doesn’t support his passion for juggling, but he follows his dreams regardless of this. Mochi’s juggling act is met with digital stimulation and music, incorporating dancing, video art, LED diabolos, and digital poi sticks, according to AGT Wikia. It’s quite impressive. The judges all enjoy his act, but really love Mochi’s genuine and innocent personality.

The world champion juggler started practicing in his hometown in Japan when he was just 13 years old. Today, he performs at events, festivals and theaters all over the globe, participating in events at places such as the Festival du Cannes, the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre, and Cirque du Demain.

Mochi heads into part 1 of the quarter finals on America’s Got Talent, as one of twelve acts. The other acts include singer Amanda Mena, the Angel City Chorale choir, singer Courtney Hadwin, escape artist Lord Nil, rapper Flau’jae, novelty act Human Fountains, dance group Junior New System, the PAC Dance Team, magician Shin Lim, comedian Vicki Barbolak and the sibling band We Three. To vote for Mochi in the quarter finals this season, via phone, his number is 1-866-602-4801. Only seven acts will go through to the next round.

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Mochi’s professional bio on his website describes his achievements, writing that, “Within the world of juggling, Yusaku Mochizuki specializes in the diabolo, noted for his characteristically precise control and sense of extreme speed in his performances. Moreover, he has taken juggling beyond the circus and the street, experimenting with performances using video and performing on television and on many of the greatest stages and performing arts centers in the world … In 2015 Yusaku Mochizuki achieved his dream, winning gold at the International Jugglers’ Association world championship and thereby officially becoming the world’s top diabolo artist. He is a former member of the world-renowned performance group enra, fusing visual art, dance, and juggling.” Mochi also has his own blog. Mochi can be booked for gigs via Contraband Events.

Mochi said on AGT that when he steps on stage to perform, he needs silence and must focus. He said that diabolo is his life and his soul. Mochi told AGT viewers that he is there to win and hopes to bring his “Mochi Power” to America. He said that when he performs, he feels like he is conducting a symphony. For his quarter finals performance, Mochi appeared to incorporated actual fire and sparks. The judges have gushed over him and judge Heidi Klum said that what Mochi does is so incredibly hard. She said she tried to do it herself and couldn’t even get the juggling going. Klum exclaimed that Mochi is the best diabolo juggler in the world.

On America’s Got Talent, the contestants compete for a grand prize of $1 million and a show in Las Vegas, Nevada, but only one act will be the winner. Do you think Mochi has what it takes?