Natasha Aporte: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Natasha Aporte

Facebook/Natasha Aporte 28-year-old Natasha Aporte hosted a massive real-life Bachelor-esque competition for a bunch of men that she met on Tinder, none of whom knew it was happening before they showed up.

Natasha Aporte is a 28-year-old woman who invited hundreds of men to meet in person and unknowingly compete for her affection, according to a report by Gothamist. 

Aporte reportedly swiped with over a hundred men on Tinder and invited them to a DJ set in Union Square for a DJ set in New York City. However, all of the men soon found out that it wasn’t an actual date, but a competition that she had set up for the men to vie for her affection in a “Live Tinder” competition.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Aporte Invited Dozens of Men to Come to a Concert for What They Thought Was a Solo Date

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Aporte reportedly matched with several men on Tinder over the course of multiple months, and eventually invited many of them to a DJ set at Union Square on Sunday afternoon. At that point, many of the men saw Aporte go on stage and announce that it would be a competition that she described as “Live Tinder.”

One man, Nicholas, told Gothamist that security were reportedly helping her conduct the competition, saying,  “And she started calling the different characteristics she doesn’t like. ‘If you’re Puerto Rican and support Trump leave!’ ‘If you have a long beard leave.'”

He added, “The majority of the group, like 95 percent, were like aaahhh, watching as the fucking idiots fell in line to her demands to do push ups and run…She did a live swipe line, right and left. I left at that point.”

2. The Story Went Viral When One of the Men Posted a Twitter Thread About His Experience

One of the Twitter users who met up with Aporte at the Union Square event has posted about his experience in a Twitter thread that’s since gone viral. In the thread, he explains that he and Aporte had matched a month ago, talked for a while then ceased communication after she had said she was busy with work.

When he returned to the Tinder message several weeks later, he tweeted, “Two weeks pass I completely forget about her then I remember and go back to tinder and I can’t find the conversation. I think well that’s weird she deleted her tinder but I take it as… overly elaborate ghosting methods.”

He explained that he was a little bit skeptical when he saw her Instagram account citing her modeling, acting and singing aspirations, then figured it was worth a try anyways.

Once he got to Union Square, he tweeted, “Eventually I see a girl moving towards backstage with two enormous bodyguards in sunglasses and realise it’s her and I’m thinking WHAT THINE F*CKETH IS GOING ON”

“Then she says I’ve invited you all here for a chance to go on a date with me and proceeds to give a hunger games speech about what its gonna take to date her,” he tweeted. 

The user eventually left, though he did note that several men stayed to participate in the competition.

3. It’s Unclear Whether Aporte Ended Up With Anyone, Though the Men Have Formed a ‘Support Group’

Natasha Aporte

Gothamist/Natasha Aporte Instagram

It’s not clear if Aporte did end up leaving with any of the men who came, though several of the men did tell Gothamist that they left once they figured out what she was trying to do. One of the men, 22-year-old Spencer, told Gothamist that he’s been in contact with some of the other men who were scammed. “It’s like a support group now,” he said.

Gothamist also received a tip that showed Aporte’s Instagram story from later that Sunday, in which she seemed to call out the haters who didn’t like her “Live Tinder” idea. Gothamist notes that MTV has confirmed it has no affiliations with Aporte, despite the fact that she attended a pre-party for the VMAs.

4. Aporte, 28, Is a Self-Described Model, Actress & Singer

According to Aporte’s Instagram (which is now set to private), she is a model, actress and singer. However, Aporte does not yet have an IMDB account, and it’s unclear if she’s ever actually acted.

Aporte’s Facebook profile links her modeling career to Wild Models Talent Agency. However, the site does not reveal specific talent publicly, so Aporte does not have any sort of public profile that confirms her modeling career.

5. Aporte Has a Single Out on SoundCloud in Which She Covers a Radiohead Song

Aporte has a single up on SoundCloud where she covers the Radiohead song “All I need.” The song was posted two years ago; it is her only song on SoundCloud, and has been played 1,130 times.

On her SoundCloud account, someone has commented on her Tinder date set up. The user wrote, “Hi, I’ve been digging all night trying to reach out. My friend Mitchell has gone missing and he was supposed to be in contact with us hours ago. He said he was going on a tinder date with Natasha, is this you? Please, we are really worried about him, any info on his whereabouts is appreciated.”


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