Olivia Culpo Shares Pic in Bed With Danny Amendola


Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola have rekindled their love — that is, if they even lost it to begin with. Just after Amendola inked a 2-year deal to play with the Miami Dolphins, rumors surfaced that he and Culpo split up. The running joke was that Culpo was a New England fan (she grew up in Rhode Island) and she didn’t want to cheer for Miami.

The model and the footballer hadn’t been seen together for weeks, and they both kept their social media accounts free of photos of one another — but it didn’t take long for them to get back into a groove. The duo never addressed the gossip, but slowly, things started falling back into place.

For example, not long after Culpo’s sister welcomed her first child, fans were quick to notice that Culpo was with a guy — who looked just like Amendola from the side — in one of the pictures of her with her nephew. The guy’s face wasn’t visible, but it was pretty obvious that it was Dola.

Now, Culpo doesn’t seem to be hiding the fact that she has been traveling to Miami on a regular basis to see her man. In fact, she was in Miami this week, spending time with Amendola and supporting him as he prepares for the football season. On Wednesday, Culpo snapped a picture of her and Amendola lying in bed together. She uploaded the photo to her Instagram story — you can see it below.

Olivia Culpo bed photo

Culpo didn’t need to draw any extra attention to the fact that she was with Amendola — but fans couldn’t help but notice. Not to mention, Amendola fans don’t seem to mind when Culpo posts pictures of her beau with his shirt off (this certainly isn’t the first time that she has done it).

To further confirm the chatter surrounding Culpo and Amendola’s relationship, the former Miss Universe recently sat down for an interview with Haute Living in which she confirmed that she had a special someone in her life.

“I feel like—um—well, yeah. I’m in a relationship with myself, that’s what I always say. I’m in a relationship with myself first. I am [dating someone], but right now work is definitely important, and my most important relationship is the one that I’m working on with myself. I’m dating, but it’s not something I want to get into too much detail on,” Culpo told the outlet.

Culpo and Amendola have yet to make a public appearance together, nor have they posted a picture of themselves to their respective social media accounts that clearly shows the two of them together.