Omarosa Slammed For Wearing Off-The-Shoulder Yellow Dress on ‘Today’

Omarosa slammed


Omarosa Manigault Newman has been making headlines over the past few days, after she claims that she recorded conversations that she had with White House personnel — including President Trump.

“On Monday, the former senior aide revealed a recording she’d made of the President phoning her on the day after she was fired. Earlier, Manigault Newman released a tape of chief of staff John Kelly doing the firing in the White House Situation Room,” CNN reports. The site notes that there wasn’t anything inappropriate or out of line on the previously-released tape.

Manigault Newman seems to be enjoying the attention that she’s getting, which can only be helping promote her new memoir, Unhinged. The book will officially be released on August 14. This morning, however, social media users slammed the former Apprentice star for wearing a one-shoulder yellow dress during her interview on Today.

“The 44-year-old former assistant to the president looked ready for a cocktail reception in a $550 one-shoulder lace dress featuring a sweetheart neckline and scalloped hem when she sat down with Savannah Guthrie in Studio 1A,” Daily Mail reported— and social media definitely noticed.

“Canary yellow dress screams, ‘look at me.’ You wanna go clubbing #noclass,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Nice that Omarosa decided to wear her prom dress today,” added a second.

“Omarosa Manigault Newman did you just come to @TODAYshow from a night of clubbing? Girl, what were you thinking with that dress?” questioned a third.

“What an incredibly inappropriate dress to wear,” a fourth tweeted.

Despite the backlash over her yellow dress, Omarosa’s interview with Savannah Guthrie seemed to be going okay. Somewhere in the middle of things, however, Omarosa got a bit impatient.

“Wait, Savannah. Who is the ‘they’ in the tape? You can’t ask the question and then ask another question without my answer. You asked me, ‘Do you think he knows?'” Omarosa said.

Just after that, Omarosa told Savannah to “slow down.”

“Savannah, slow down. I’m gonna

The Answer is:

your question, don’t worry, I’m here. I’ve got all the time you need. You don’t have to ask 10 questions in one second. It’s OK,” she said.

You can watch the interview (and see Omarosa’s yellow dress) in the video below.

Omarosa Manigault Full Interview On Secret Recordings, Alleges Audio Of Trump Saying N-Word | TODAYIn an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie, former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman discusses the recording of a phone call she says she received from the president, as well as a recording of White House chief of staff John Kelly firing her. Newman said she recorded the conversations to “protect” herself, telling Savannah…2018-08-13T12:29:30.000Z

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