WATCH: Pink Stops Concert to Hug Grieving Fan


Getty Pink stopped her Brisbane concert to hug grieving fan Leah Murphy, who had just recently lost her mother. Check out video of the heartwarming moment here.

Pop superstar Pink is trending on Twitter after stopping a performance in Brisbane to comfort a teenager who was grieving the loss of her mother.

Pink stopped her concert for Leah Murphy, 14, after the crowd at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre helped to pass a sign to the singer which read “My name is Leah – I’m 14 years old. I lost my beautiful Mum last month. I would LOVE a hug … Please!”

“P!NK read our sign and straight away said where’s Leah?” Murphy told The Courier-Mail. “She came down the stairs and gave me a big, long hug. She told me that I looked pretty. She said ‘oh don’t cry.’ She said that everything was going to be OK. Then she signed my arm and we took a selfie.”

“It meant everything. It was a dream come true,” the teenager said.

Murphy’s Mother, Who Also Loved Pink, Passed Away Earlier This Summer

Murphy’s mother Debbie, who passed away in June, had tickets to attend one of Pink’s Australian shows, according to Courier-Mail. Murphy and her mother shared a love of Pink’s music, so Murphy’s aunt wanted to do something to help cheer up her niece, and came up with the idea to hold up signs at her show.

Although Pink couldn’t quite read the signs, someone passed one of the signs about Murphy’s story to the singer, which she read out loud before calling for Murphy to come to front row, according to ABC News. The crowd parted for the tiny teenager to make her way to the front of the crowd.

“We ended up at the front row and Pink just held her for … it felt like 20 seconds.”

After a sweet embrace, some kind words, and a selfie, Murphy was sobbing uncontrollably. Her aunt, Katrina Donkin, said that her niece hasn’t stopped talking about the experience since it happened, ABC reports.

“I haven’t seen her smile so much since. Her dad said he woke up feeling happy today, happier than he has been in a long time,” she said.

They Nearly Had to Miss The Show After Donkin Left The Tickets Back Home

According to ABC, after Pink comforted Murphy and signed her, she hopped back on the stage and said, “everyone call your mom.”

The heartwarming hug almost didn’t happen, according to Murphy’s aunt. The night before the concert, Donkin realized that the tickets were still on her bedside table in Cairns, more than 1,680 kilometers away, ABC reports.

“I rang my neighbor, my neighbor broke into my house and got them and handed them to someone I know who works on the check-in desk at Qantas,” Donkin told ABC. The pilots on the flight hand delivered the tickets to Donkin after she ran to the airport to collect them.

“I really feel it was a hug from heaven,” Donkin told ABC. “I do feel her mum orchestrated the whole thing.”

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