Lincoln Native Sam Larson Competes on ‘Alone’

Lincoln native Sam Larson, Sam Larson Lincoln Native Alone History Channel


Camera equipment and ten survival items. That’s all you get if you’re a competitor on the television series Alone, where contestants are tested on their wilderness and survival skills.

Sam, 25, is an author and outdoor educator who hails from Lincoln, Nebraska. Some fans may recognize him from season one of Alone, where he lasted 55 days in the Canadian wilderness. Now, he’s back in an attempt to last even longer on the show.

Sam is ready for whatever this season brings him. He tells KLKNTV, “Ugh. If this was smellovision you guys would be getting it. Alrighty one leech kabob coming right up. Awe what the heck get all these four at once. I’m still deciding if I’m going to throw up or not.”

He adds on that being away from his family is one of the hardest aspects of being on the show. He has two young children; the second of which was born just days before he flew to Mongolia to film the current season. Looking back at the experience, Sam explains, “… I was really missing my family, especially the little baby.”

When he isn’t busy competing on Alone, Sam is the author of a blog called Woodsong Wilderness. His website reads, “For his entire adult life Sam has studied bushcraft and various wilderness living skills extensively throughout North America and beyond. He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife and children, where he enjoys drinking coffee, reading, family time, and of course, planning his next adventure.”

To find out how many days Larson makes it on this season, be sure to tune in to the show Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT on the History Channel.

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