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Shawn Mendes Hailey Baldwin, Shawn Mendes comments on Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's engagement


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s engagement seems to be one of the biggest stories of the summer. But how does Shawn Mendes feel about it?

Many people may have forgotten that for years, there was speculation that the two were dating, even though they kept insisting they were “really good friends.”

In April, a photo of the two posing together sent fans into a frenzy. Speaking to NRJ radio in Norway, however, Shawn said, “We’re really good friends… Hailey said she wished she could post the photo without the Internet exploding. Then I said, ‘You know what, I’m just gonna do it!’”

And he did. Shawn even went out of his way to congratulate Bieber and Baldwin on their engagement, further solidifying the fact that there’s nothing romantic going on between him and Hailey.

In a July 18 interview with an Australian show called The Project, Shawn was asked how he responded to news of Bieber and Baldwin’s engagement. He said, “I texted Hailey the day of, and I said congrats. That’s what it is… I think everybody wants there to be more — there’s not.”

So what exactly are the details of Shawn and Hailey’s history?

Fans became convinced the two were an item when they walked the red carpet together for the Met Gala this year. However, they were quick to say they were just friends. And Shawn has nothing negative to say about Bieber; even though fans may be itching for a negative comment.

He tells Sunday Times Style Magazine, “I found out [about the engagement] when everyone else did… And I’m so happy for them. Hailey and I are great friends. I’m also friends with Bieber. I think they’re both actually very good for each other. It’s crazy, though, it’s a big thing.”

Shawn and Hailey’s relationship dates back to 2013, when they first became friends.

And the past few weeks, Hailey and Justin have continued to flaunt their relationship on social media. In a new Instagram photo taken over the weekend, Hailey wrote a caption that said, “Absolute best friend.”

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absolute best friend.

A post shared by Hailey Rhode Bieber (@haileybieber) on Aug 19, 2018 at 3:20pm PDT

The post came just days after a source told People that the two were “slowing down” wedding plans a bit; but still didn’t want a long engagement.

The source told People, “It was getting quite intense and they realized they want to enjoy being engaged for a while… It’s not like they need to rush — they are both so young. They aren’t slowing things down though because they are unsure if they want to marry; they definitely want to get married.”

There’s no saying exactly when the two will tie the knot. But one thing is for sure: Shawn Mendes will be there, cheering for and congratulating his friends when they say, “I do.”

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