Why Isn’t ABC’s ‘The Proposal’ on Tonight?

The Proposal fans will be sad to learn that their favorite reality show will not be airing tonight. The next episode of The Proposal will air August 13, followed by another episode on August 20.

In place of The Proposal ABC will air Afer the Final Rose.

Tonight, August 6, is the finale of The Bachelorette, and three hours have been allotted to wrap up the season. During the first two hours, fans will find out who Becca Kufrin chooses as her husband and one true love, while the third hour will show, well, all the drama that goes down after the final rose has been handed out.

One thing everyone wants to know is if Tia will be at Becca’s “After the Final Rose” episode. Bustle states that little to no airtime will be spent discussing Tia and Colton on After the Final Rose, and if they are there, it will be with a whole group of BIP castmates to get everyone excited for the upcoming season. But we can rest assured that drama is just around the corner. As Bustle points out, “The drama Tia brought to The Bachelorette is nothing compared to the drama between Colton and Tia promised on Paradise. The trailer shows each of them in tears, arguing about the connections they may be making with other people in Paradise.”

The Bachelorette: Becca Feels Like 'Such a Monster' in Heartbreaking Finale Teaser (Exclusive)Becca Kufrin breaks down in tears in this heartbreaking clip from the season finale of 'The Bachelorette,' airing Aug. 6 on ABC.2018-08-01T21:00:02.000Z

Becca is down to Blake and Garrett on The Bachelorette. Tonight, she’ll introduce them to her family and hand out just one final rose. Last week, Becca told the cameras– not the men themselves– that she is, in fact, in love with Garrett and Blake. They’ve both said “I love you” to her, so at this point, it looks like a pretty even playing field.

Unfortunately, Garrett’s popularity amongst fans has dwindled in recent weeks. After the show finished filming, a former Bachelor contestant found a series of Instagram posts that Garrett ‘liked’ that mocked feminists. Another post that he ‘liked’ joked about throwing an immigrant child over a border, while a third made fun of transgender people. Garrett has apologized, and, as the Washington Post points out, Becca has asked everyone to keep an open mind.

Does that mean she’s chosen Garrett? Or was she just protecting a guy whose heart she broke? Find out tonight beginning at 8pm ET/PT on ABC>