Tia Booth’s Love Triangle With Colton Underwood & Chris Randone: What Happens?

Tia Booth And Colton Underwood

ABC/Paul Hebert

Colton Underwood made waves on The Bachelorette 2018 with Becca Kufrin when he revealed that he had previously dated her friend, Bachelor cast-off Tia Booth. Underwood and Booth had briefly dated before he went on The Bachelorette and the two seemed to have unfinished business. So, when Booth showed up in paradise looking for Underwood, she was disappointed that he wasn’t included in the first round of cast members. Since Booth had a date card, she needed to make use of it and decided to take Chris Randone on a date.

The two got along well and sparks were flying, so when Underwood arrived in paradise, Randone was displeased, to say the least. Underwood introduced himself and spoke with several of the other women, but ended up asking Booth out for a date in the sun together. After discussing their disconnect, the two mended their relationship and things turned romantic as well.

Now, before we get into some spoilers on the love triangle and each of the cast members’ fates on the show, THIS IS YOUR MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING. Do NOT continue reading if you do not want to know the outcome of Bachelor in Paradise for these three.

With that out of the way, let’s move forward. On episode 2, Underwood is fresh off of his date with Booth and his intentions become questioned by several of the other cast members. He is confronted and begins to unravel. Even Booth has her reservations, especially since she’s struck up a connection with Randone as well. Randone tells the cameras that Booth needs to put the Underwood “situation” behind her because he continues to fall more for her each day. But, when Becca Kufrin shows up in paradise to see her friends and to chat with Underwood, it appears that Underwood may really unravel.

ABC has foreshadowed that Underwood may not yet have the closure he needed when it comes to his relationship with Kufrin. Just before Underwood started filming BIP5, he had brought Kufrin home to meet his family and had told her he was in love with her. Could he really be ready for a committed relationship so soon? ABC has written that, “Things get intense when a man finds out that last season’s Bachelorette has arrived in Paradise to pay a visit to her girlfriends. After only recently telling her that he loved her, this conflicted contender realizes just how confused he is, resulting in a major breakdown.”

So, what’s the deal? Who does Tia Booth end up with? Is it Underwood or Randone? Well, according to Reality Steve, it’s neither of them. Only one of these three make it to the finale this season and it’s actually Randone. In addition, Reality Steve has reported that Randone gets engaged to former Bachelor villain Krystal Nielson. Nielson started out this season flirting with Kevin Wentz and on episode 2, she goes on a date with Kenny King. But, neither of them are her “happily ever after”.

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