Is Vanilla Ice Married?

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Tonight, Vanilla Ice and his family will be taking on Kim Fields and her family in a new episode of Celebrity Family Feud.

As fans watch the two families duel it out for charity, they may notice that Vanilla Ice’s wife is not in attendance. That’s because the two are estranged.

Since 1997, Vanilla Ice (whose real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle), has been married to Laura Giaritta. In October 2016, the two separated.

Giaritta filed the divorce papers in Florida on her 46th birthday. She is reported by the Miami Herald as saying in an interview with Gossip Extra, “I gave myself a birthday present. I wanted to file for divorce for a long time but I was scared to do it, so I figured I’d do it on my birthday.”

Records obtained by the Daily Mail state that at the time the divorce was filed, the pair had been living apart for five years even though they attended public events together.

According to the Miami Herald, Laura is asking for alimony “after she spent most of her adult life catering to the rapper and his career and staying home with the children.”

Vanilla Ice and Giaritta have undergone a particularly contentious divorce.

In February, Giaritta accused Vanilla Ice of hiding “potentially millions of dollars from her”, according to The Blast. She claims that over the course of their marriage and divorce, Vanilla Ice has transferred a “substantial portion” of their joint assets into his personal company, Van Rap, LTD.

She tells the Daily Mail, “… he left me with no money. I mean, he was always a good provider and all, but all of our assets are in his name. He wants to control all the money.”

Since their separation, Vanilla Ice has been living in a $1.2 million mansion in Lake Worth, and Giaritta has been living with her daughters in the couple’s married home in Wellington.

The two don’t have the clearest track record as it is. In April of 2008, Vanilla Ice was arrested after an altercation Giaritta. “Ice was booked by Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies at 10:43 PM ET on a charge of domestic battery,” reports TMZ.

Vanilla Ice and Laura Giaritta have two children together: Dusti Van Winkle, 20, and KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle, 18. After news of their divorce surfaced, the Daily Mail conducted an interview with Giaritta, in which she said that she was raising their daughters “practically” alone. She also says the girls were happy with news of the divorce. “They wanted it, trust me.”

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