WATCH: Aerosmith & Post Malone Perform At the VMAs

Instagram Aerosmith and Post Malone

Aerosmith closed out the VMAs with a performance of their legendary song “Dream On.” The famed rock group were joined by rapper Post Malone in what was definitely among the most surprising collaborations of the evening.

There were rumors that Aerosmith would be performing after they were spotted outside the Radio City Music Hall, where the awards are taking place. TMZ asked them what they had planned for the event and the group largely refused to answer, but the gossip surrounding the them continued to build up to their performance.

Steven Tyler, the group’s frontman, caused a stir on Twitter when he was shown whispering something into the ear of VMA host Tiffany Haddish. The pair were sitting next to one another in the audience, and after the clip was shown on TV, Twitter took it and ran with it.

“I ship Steven Tyler and Tiffany Haddish. They just up in the VMAs, chatting it up,” wrote one user. Another user wrote: “Tiffany Haddish got a human seat while talking to Steven Tyler is just one of those 2018 things.” Check out some of the best reactions below.

As for Malone, there were a few hints that the rapper was going to join the group onstage. Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer and guitarist Joe Perry teased the notion of Malone sharing the stage with them.

In an interview with GQ, Malone spoke on the influence that rock groups like Aerosmith has had on his musical style. “I definitely feel like there’s a struggle being a white rapper. But I don’t want to be a rapper. I just want to be a person that makes music,” he said. “I make music that I like and I think that kicks a*s, that I think the people who f**k with me as a person and as an artist will like.”

Its likely that Aerosmith took the closing slot as a means of promoting their much-anticipated residency in Las Vegas.

Fans were ecstatic over the performance, and they took to Twitter to praise the group’s chemistry with Malone. “Steven Tyler gotta be at least 107 years old but performing better than damn near everyone,” wrote one user. Another tweeted “If you have any negative comments about Aerosmith then you don’t appreciate legendary talented music and Steven Tyler at 70 years old can still outsing most of your favs.” Check out the additional reactions below.

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