‘The 100’ Season 5 Finale: Who Died? Is Kane Alive? [SPOILERS]

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Considering how intense last week’s episode of The 100 was, fans are really nervous about whether anyone is going to die in the Season 5 finale tonight. Gaia’s fate was still a little unsure when we left off last week, and it really looked like Vinson killed Kane when he attacked him. Kane was stabbed multiple times and had a chunk bitten out of his throat. (Human bites can carry a lot of diseases, which would be bad in a post-apocalyptic world.) But a lot of people are saying we don’t know for certain that Kane is dead. And now everyone is about to go back into battle again, so it looks like there’s a very real chance that more people will die.

So who died during the finale tonight? We’ll be updating this post LIVE as it airs, to keep you informed. WARNING: Of course, there will be major spoilers for the Season 5 finale, and a minor spoiler about Season 6. So only read on if you are OK with spoilers. The spoilers for tonight will be posted as they happen, so read from the beginning for news on who died in chronological order and keep refreshing for updates. 

First, a minor spoiler about Season 6. Henry Ian Cusick confirmed that he will be on Season 6 of The 100 despite also starring on Fox’s The Passage. However, it wasn’t clear from what he said if he would be returning as a character who is alive, or if he will be returning in flashbacks. So we’ll still be reporting as the show airs on whether or not he is alive.

When the episode begins, the first possible death was avoided as Octavia chose to bow to Madi as Heda rather than kill her, like everyone feared. That was an amazing scene.

Gaia is also still alive at the beginning, but barely, and needs Abby’s help to survive.

By the second commercial break, no one has yet died.

By the next commercial break, no one has died yet either. (But we haven’t seen yet what happened to Kane.) However, McCreary did set off a missile, so things might change fast.

We finally learn that Kane’s not dead yet. He’s on life support and Abby is operating on him. Octavia confronts Abby. They must leave and get on the ship if they’re going to survive.

Everyone makes it on to the ship in time. Yes, it appears that no one is going to die in the finale unless something serious happens in the last few minutes.

On the ship, we learn that Gaia won’t lose her leg and Murphy will be OK. Kane is an unknown, so they’re going to put him in cryosleep.

Ultimately, everyone is put in cryosleep. And no one died. WOW.

At the very, very end, we find out that Monty and Harper are dead. They did not go into cryosleep. But their son Jordan lives on.

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