Fans React to False Tekashi 6ix9ine Shooting Claim

6ix9ine death

Getty Fans were confused about false reports of 6ix9ine's death. He is not dead.

The rapper 6ix9ine was the subject of a false shooting report that went viral after a tweet on the account of a man who has now written that he was hacked. That led numerous fans to assume that the rapper was dead or was clinging to life after almost being shot to death. 6ix9ine is still alive. The shooting report is false.

The hacked tweet led to a flurry of extremely upset and confused fans of the rapper, also known as Tekashi or Tekashi 69, who took to Twitter to find out more information. You can see some of the fan reactions throughout this article. The Twitter page IamAkademiks had written a tweet that said, “BREAKING: 6ix9ine has been shot multiple times, currently in critical life threatening condition” before the page later wrote that it had been hacked. The Twitter page has now been deleted. Thus, it appears that 6ix9ine has not been shot, as that page was partially the origin of the claim. Fans expressed relief to learn that Tekashi 69 is not dead. It appears that the false story also was on the account of @FireLinehan and was retweeted by DJ Akademiks.

Here is a screenshot from the deleted Twitter page.

Here is the false tweet that sparked the frenzy on social media.

TwitterDJ Akademiks screenshot

Here are some of the fan reactions:

Fans Expressed Shock & Then Relief to Hear That 6ix9ine Was Not Shot

Word spread fast that the claim that Tekashi was shot was not true and originated from a hacked account. That account led some people to falsely assume the rapper was dead or might die.

That didn’t stop frantic people from taking to Twitter to express concern about the rapper, especially in light of the other rappers who actually have been shot to death in recent years, such as XXXTentacion.

Other people claimed they never believed 6ix9ine was dead to begin with.

The memes and GIFS flew.

Here are some of the other reactions on Twitter.

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