‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Finale 2018 Cast Break Ups

Bachelor in Paradise Finale 2018

ABC/Paul Hebert Pictured: Kamil and Annaliese on BIP5

This is the final week in paradise for season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise. And, even though it’s the last week, the new cast member arrivals have not slowed down. Diggy Moreland has moved in on Olivia Goethals and Robby Hayes arrives in paradise, determined to get a rose. So, with the finale airing tomorrow night, fans want to know which of the 2018 cast members make it through paradise as a couple and who breaks up. Let’s get into the rundown on which couples are not in it for the long haul and whose romances have fizzled out before the end of the show.

But, before you read on, keep in mind that the rest of this post is full of MAJOR SPOILERS. Beware.

Kendall Long & Joe Amabile

Grocery Joe & Kendall on "Commitment" Preview – Bachelor in Paradise 2018Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Season 5 (Season Finale) Preview2018-09-10T20:08:07.000Z

When Robby Hayes arrives in paradise this week, Kendall Long lets him know that she has been dating Joe Amabile. Hence, she is not interested in a date. But, Reality Steve previously reported that Long and Amabile don’t make it to the final rose ceremony, which means that they break up. The couple has had their ups and downs since the beginning of the season, but mainly because of Long’s wishy washy feelings. At one point she even entertained a romance with another man.

Kevin Wendt & Astrid Loch

Kevin & Astrid "Breaking Up?" Preview – Bachelor in Paradise 2018Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Season 5 (Season Finale) Preview2018-09-10T20:15:43.000Z

Kevin Wendt’s first kiss in paradise was with Krystal Nielson, but she moved on to a few different men before getting into a relationship with Chris Randone. He then went on to find romance with Astrid Loch. The couple has stood strong, but has had a few hiccups as well. At one point, Wendt proposed the idea of dating other people in paradise, but Loch was not a fan of this. Wendt told Loch that he had his own issues from past relationships and was trying hard to be vulnerable and open. Then, Wendt’s ex, Ashley Iaconetti, showed up in paradise, only to get engaged right in front of him. This through him for an emotional loop.

According to Reality Steve, Loch gives Wendt her final rose, but the couple breaks up before the season ends. Wendt starts telling Loch that something is missing from the relationship and that their lifestyles don’t match up.

Shushanna Mkrtychyan & Robby Hayes

Late Newcomer Robby Hayes Causes a Stir Preview – Bachelor in Paradise 2018Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Season 5 (Episode 10) Preview2018-09-10T12:21:08.000Z

Shushanna Mkrtychyan recently arrived in paradise, but she was unable to win over Kamil Nicalek, who was already taken by another cast member, Annaliese Puccini. On tonight’s episode, Robby Hayes arrives and he is determined to get a rose, he also has his mind set on Mkrtychyan for that rose, after being rejected by most of the women, according to ABC. Mkrtychyan reportedly gives Hayes her rose, but before the end of the season, the two split, realizing that there was no future for them outside of the show, as reported by Reality Steve.

Cassandra Ferguson & Jordan Mauger

Cassandra's Arrival in Paradise – Bachelor in Paradise 2018Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Season 5 (Episode 7)2018-08-30T02:14:34.000Z

When Cassandra Ferguson first arrived in paradise, she managed to steal Eric Bigger away from Angela Amezcua, who he had been seeing for the majority of the season. But soon, it was apparent that Bigger couldn’t keep his head in the romantic game with Ferguson. With Jordan Mauger, of New Zealand, joining the cast, Ferguson was, fortunately, turned on to a new man.

Going into finale week, Ferguson gives her final rose to Mauger, but, when host Chris Harrison lets the couples know that there are overnight dates ahead of them, some of the couples are forced to call it quits. Reality Steve has reported that Ferguson and Mauger do not make it to the end.

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