LISTEN: Every Snippet from Brockhampton’s ‘Iridescence’

Getty Brockhampton performs onstage.

Brockhampton is gearing up for the release of their fourth studio album Iridescence. The rap group has been teasing a new album since earlier this year, originally announced as Puppy, but that was scrapped in favor of the new title and musical direction.

With that said, there have been dozens of Brockhampton snippets leading up to the Iridescence release, and we’ve assembled them below, along with an assessment of whether they’ll appear on the final tracklist.

‘Ready for War’

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Earlier this year, group frontman Kevin Abstract released a snippet of a song known as “Ready for War” on Instagram Live. The snippet features a snappy breakbeat and a nonstop flow from various members of the group, including Abstract himself.

The track was originally teased as part of the Puppy album, but some fans have suggested that the song titled “Thug Life” on the Iridescence tracklist may be a reworked version. Reddit user goodkidmaddorey claims that some of the musical phrases on “Thug Life” are identical to those on “Ready for War.” Read the full thread here.

‘Untitled 1 &2’

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Kevin Abstract previewed another song snippet on March 30 on Instagram. The video, which runs about three minutes, was teased as a primer to Puppy, but was never given a proper title or update as to whether it would make a final tracklist.

The second track, which starts at 6:58 above, and features former member Ameer Vann dancing to a jittery beat and what sound like pitched vocals.

‘Let’s Get Married’

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Also on March 30, Brockhampton released a tiny snippet of a track called “Let’s Get Married.” The track, which starts halfway through the forty second video above, includes a softer, more R&B sound, and the video ends with an advertisement for the shelved Puppy album.

Like “Ready for War,” however, the speculation is that “Let’s Get Married” has actually be reworked under the name “Something About Him” and will be included on the final tracklist. Check out the full Reddit thread here.

‘Untitled 3’

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Abstract and Ameer Vann previewed an unreleased track on Instagram on April 1. Abstract explained that the track was the “tease of the summer” before shouting out Jazze Pha and Ciara, two artists he says inspired them.

The video shows Abstract and Vann dancing to the track, which features slowed down beat and some female backing vocals. Check out the song above.


VideoVideo related to listen: every snippet from brockhampton’s ‘iridescence’2018-09-18T18:53:40-04:00

Less of a leak and more a retroactive single, “Tonya” was performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on June 20, and was said to be featured on an album titled The Best Years of Our Lives. The title was later changed to Iridescence, which will serve as part one of The Best Years of Our Lives album trilogy.

“Tonya” is also notable for being the first song released after the removal of member Ameer Vann. Vann was accused of sexual misconduct against two women. He’s denied these accusations on Twitter, writing: “I have never criminally harmed anyone or disrespected their boundaries. I have never had relations with a minor or violated anybody’s consent.”

Check out the artwork and official tracklist for Iridescence below. The album is out on Friday, September 21.


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