Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch


When Kevin Wendt first arrived on Bachelor in Paradise, he and Krystal Nielson struck up a flirtation, but Nielson did not have her sights set on Wendt. She entertained possibilities with other men and went out on dates as well. Soon, Astrid Loch caught Wendt’s eye and they remained together throughout paradise. While Loch was dedicated to the relationship, Wendt, at times, had his reservations.

At one point, Wendt proposed to Loch that the two date other people on the show, in hopes of solidifying their bond. This was not something that Loch wanted to do and she was a bit put off by the idea, to say the least. Wendt said that he was all in with her, so he didn’t want to ruin anything and agreed that his idea wouldn’t be the right path for the couple. Wendt said that he’s had difficult with relationships in the past and was trying to stay open.

Kevin Opens Up to Astrid About His Insecurities – Bachelor in Paradise 2018Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Season 5 (Episode 6)2018-08-28T22:17:47.000Z

Then, Wendt’s ex-girlfriend, Ashley Iaconetti, showed up in paradise with her then-boyfriend, Jared Haibon. Iaconetti met Wendt on The Bachelor Winter Games and it has been speculated that she lost her virginity to Wendt, though the couple would not confirm it. Their relationship ended in March 2018 and in May 2018, it was confirmed that Iaconetti was dating her longtime crush, Jared Haibon. Bustle reported that Wendt claimed Iaconetti cheated on him in their relationship and we can only assume it was with Haibon.

In a recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Iaconetti and Haibon showed up in paradise and the cast looked on as Haibon got down on one knee. Watching his ex get engaged was not something that Wendt had anticipated and he, understandably, was upset. This was another hurdle that he and Loch had to overcome, according to Bustle.

Now, with Bachelor in Paradise season 5 coming to an end, fans want to know if the couple is still dating or not. Before we get into all the details on what happens to Wendt and Loch, this is your MAJOR SPOILER WARNING. Do NOT continue reading if you don’t want to know about the fate of this couple’s relationship on the show.

Kevin & Astrid "Breaking Up?" Preview – Bachelor in Paradise 2018Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Season 5 (Season Finale) Preview2018-09-10T20:15:43.000Z

In a preview of tonight’s episode, via ABC, Wendt is shown telling Loch that he has doubts and concerns when it comes to their relationship. He says that physically they have great chemistry, but he wonders if their lifestyles would mesh well outside of the show. He also says that has doubts about their having a future together. Wendt tells Loch, “I think you are the brightest star I’ve ever met, in so many ways. But … Something’s missing.”

And, according to E! News, just before the couple sat down for this intense discussion, Loch told the cameras that, “I never thought I would be even be in a situation where I’d even be considering engagement. I don’t need to get engaged, but I feel like if he asked me, I wouldn’t say no.”

According to Reality Steve, Loch gives Wendt her final rose on the show, but the couple does not make it to the end of the season. They break up.

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