Twitter Reacts to Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’ Delay

Getty Lil Wayne during a concert.

L il Wayne had the internet waiting with anticipation when he announced that Tha Carter V would be released on Friday. The album would have been his first official release since 2013’s I Am Not a Human Being II. As it stands, the album has yet to appear on iTunes or other streaming services.

Fans have been quick to criticize the album rollout for getting their hopes up. Many of the tweets focused on the fact that despite Wayne’s numerous delays, it finally seemed as though the album was going to drop.

“Never getting my hopes up for #ThaCarterV again. I’ve been hurt too many times,” wrote one user. “@LilTunechi it’s been 7 years since the last Carter album. Time to cry myself to sleep to Carter 3.”

Another wrote: “lil wayne had celebrities tweeting out about the hype of tha carter v and still didn’t put it out at midnight mannn i’m big big big sad.” One particularly frustrated user tweeted out: “Where the F*CK is Tha Carter V…I have EVERY platform…I’ve checked them all multiple times…?” Check out similarly disappointed reactions below.

Fans Have Been Waiting on the Album’s Release Since 2014

Others focused on the frustration of refreshing their streaming services in the hopes that the album will appear.”I’ve been closing and opening Spotify like crazy, I’ve been waiting for years for #ThaCarterV,” wrote a disgruntled user. Another wrote: “Tha Carter V didn’t drop ?? @LilTunechi please drop it. I’ve been waiting since 8th grade for this.”

Others accused Wayne of not being clear about the release date, and felt that he could have confirmed or denied the date rather than let it pass. “Kinda irritated Wayne didn’t drop Tha Carter V tonight,” tweeted one fan. “This has been a 5 year Carter tease.” Another fan added: “Hey @LilTunechi can you please drop tha Carter v right now bro.”

Some Think the Album Will Never Actually Be Released

The, of course, there were those were simply angry, and used an array of memes to express that anger. “don’t f*cking talk to me until Tha Carter V drops,” tweeted a particular user, while another took a more humorous route, writing: “The year is 3086, our distant grand kids are on whatever the most popular app is at the time at midnight… Still refreshing because they heard Tha Carter V was gonna drop.”

Anyone scrolling through Twitter may have also seen baffled gifs of celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Young Thug and Elon Musk, capturing the very confusion that fans are currently feeling. Check them out below.

Wayne Said the Album Was ‘Still In Flux’ During a Recent Interview

Tha Carter V has had one of the most infamous rollouts in rap history. Originally slated to come out in 2014, the album was shelved days before its release by Cash Money Records. Wayne sued Cash Money for $51 million the following year, a case that wasn’t settled until this past June. As a result, Tha Carter V will be the first album of Lil Wayne’s career to not have Cash Money affiliation. It is also said to be the final installment in Wayne’s beloved Carter series.

Wayne also told Billboard that Tha Carter V would be getting tweaked and worked on up until the final possible moment. “I’m very much a perfectionist,” he said. “I don’t know what it’s setting me up for — some big comeback, or maybe some big fall back or whatever — but it’s setting me up for something, and I’m ready.”

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