Did Mary J. Blige & Faith Evans Fight at Diddy’s NYFW Party?

Mary J. Blige Faith Evans Fight

Getty Mary J. Blige pictured on August 26.

Did Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans fight at Diddy’s New York Fashion Week party? The Executive Vice President of Communications for Combs Entertainment exclusively told Heavy.com that, “The story is completely fabricated.”

Mary J. Blige became a national Twitter trend on September 8 after rumors spread that she got into a fight with Faith Evans at Diddy’s New York Fashion Week party in the Hamptons. That comes on the back of the story that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a brawl at a different party. Cardi is accused of throwing a shoe at Minaj. Cardi then took to Instagram to complain that Minaj had said Cardi wasn’t a good mother to her child, Kulture.

Here’s what you need to know:

There Was Never Any Evidence for the Brawl

Despite the rash of tweets alleging the fight, with some if taking the rumors as gospel, there appears to be no evidence that the brawl took place. Nathalie Moar, wrote on Twitter in response to a Hot97 report about the alleged incident, “this story is completely false made up pls verify your reporting.”

Prior to the rumors about the fight, this was Evans’ last post on social media:

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A post shared by Faith Evans (@therealfaithevans) on Sep 7, 2018 at 5:18pm PDT

Blige Got Her Backing Vocals Removed From Evans’ 1995 Album, Faith

Evans and Blige do have a bit of history together. In 1995, Blige appeared on Evans’ cover of “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” from her album Faith. In addition, Blige is credited as a co-writer on the song, “Fallin’ in Love.” A year previously, Evans provided backing vocals on Blige’s album, My Life.

Faith Evans feat. Mary J. Blige – Love Don't Live Here Anymore (AuDio) + Lyrics(Faith) You abandon me. Love don't live here anymore.(oh no) Just a vacancy. Love don't live here anymore.(no, no) When you lived inside of me There was nothing I could conceive That you wouldn't do for me. Trouble seemed so far away You changed that right away. Repeat 1 (Mary) Love dont live her anymore…2009-09-28T21:31:10.000Z

A feature on VH1’s website about Faith Evans details the falling out that the pair had which resulted in Blige being removed from later pressings of Faith’s album. Evans’ producer, Chucky Thompson, said that Blige and Evans are two very different singers with Blige knowing “the old school” and Evans rooted more in gospel music.

Faith Evans On Mary J. Blige & The ComparisonFaith Evans did a blogtalk show radio interview and of course Mary name came up and she addressed the comparison between the two and wanting to do a future duet with Mary.2010-09-21T22:25:44.000Z

Evans later said of comparisons between her and Blige, “My thing is from earlier on the fact that I worked heavily on that album before my album came out. I mean, you know, in terms of my vocals being there so there’s a concurrent sound so that when I did come out with an album, they might’ve felt like, ‘Okay, that sounds like Mary’s album,’ but it was because my voice was on there, too, probably.”

Evans Once Said that She & Blige Are Just ‘2 Women Who Get Along’

Faith Evans On Mary J. BligeFaith Evans speaks about Mary J. Blige and how the rumors of her being Mary's vocal coach is a lie.2010-01-30T04:25:36.000Z

In 2005, Blige and Evans performed together at the BET Awards. Evans said in an interview on the network in the 1990s that Blige is “much more outspoken… I love her. She’s herself. Nobody influences that.” Evans went on to say she was not Blige’s vocal coach but that they were just “two women who get along.” A July 2017 feature about the untold story of the women involved in Bad Boy Entertainment said, “Without Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans and Lil’ Kim, the true power of Bad Boy would be unknown.” The piece ponders, “Would Mary, Kim and Faith have been Mary, Kim and Faith without Sean “Diddy” Combs? Would he have been Diddy without them?”

Faith Evans, Faith Evans and Biggie, Biggie Smalls wife, Faith Evans today


It’s been a busy few months for Evans. In July 2018, it was widely reported that Evans had married Love & Hip-Hop star Stevie J.

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