‘The Mind of Jake Paul’: How to Watch & Stream Online

Getty Jake Paul on April 14, 2017 in Indio, California.

Jake Paul is the focus of a new documentary titled The Mind of Jake Paul. According to Mashable, the documentary will focus on the YouTuber’s ascent to fame, and the controversy that’s surrounded him and his brother Logan over the past few years.

Fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson is the director of the eight-part series, which airs tonight at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time and follows Paul during the lead up to his PPV boxing match against Deji aka ComedyShortsGamer last month. Learn how to stream the first episode of The Mind of Jake Paul below.

How to Stream & Watch ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’ Episode 1

You will be able to watch episode one of The Mind of Jake Paul by tuning into Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel. The channel has already posted several video teasers and extended clips from the series, and will be available to stream promptly at 6:30 p.m. Eastern or 3:30 Pacific time.

Dawson announced the documentary on September 11 with a teaser trailer, and tweeted about his reasoning for taking on Paul as a character. “I know it’s controversial but i really wanna try more things like this on my channel,” he said. “I wanna try things i’m genuinely fascinated by and interested in. The ups and downs of Jake Paul’s life and persona is something I would LOVE to see from the inside.”

Jake Paul Said He Wants the Documentary to Be ‘Brutally Honest’

After Paul agreed to work with Dawson, he tweeted out that fans should expect a realistic take on his life. “I’d want it to be super REAL & give Shane basically anything he wants,” he wrote. “I would want Shane to be BRUTALLY honest.. & I wouldn’t want him to do it either if it were to upset his fan base. But I think it would be very interesting (EVEN for me to see what he has to say).”

Since the documentary’s announcement, Dawson has provided intermittent updates via Twitter. When asked by a fan what the series was about, he responded by tweeting: “It was supposed to be about a person, and then it became about a lot of people, and now it’s about everyone. hence my breakdown. haha.”

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no sleep till 9.25 ☕️??

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On September 3, Dawson revealed that he had wrapped filming on the series and was ready to begin editing it down. “It’s the final night of filming for the series i’m working on and i have to say i’ve never felt more drained, emotional, confused, excited, angry, yet creatively fulfilled in my life hahaha it’s been a month of filming and i literally feel like my brains gonna burst,” he wrote.

On September, Dawson posted a photo of himself looking exhausted on Instagram with the caption: “No sleep till 9.25.”