Shannon Beador Moves on From Husband With Boyfriend Scot Matteson

Shannon Beador Boyfriend


Shannon Beador has been going through an ugly divorce on Real Housewives of Orange County and also is giving fans a glimpse at her wading back into the dating pool. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, David, has moved on with his girlfriend, Lesley Cook.

But, it looks like Beador is back off the market and dating a new boyfriend named Scot Matteson, according to E! News. When it comes to the fresh relationship, a source told E! that, “Shannon and Scot are pretty serious. She just took him to New York on a trip and they spend a lot of time together. They have both met each other’s children and everyone gets along. They love to go out together and have a great time. Shannon was set up with Scot through a friend and instantly hit it off. They are a really good match and everyone is excited that she is finally healing from the divorce with David. She is in a really good place right now.”

Currently, Matteson works as a real estate developer and Beador’s co-stars are already fans of his. RHOC co-star Kelly Dodd told Us Weekly that, “Scot’s really nice, he’s a great guy. I like him. They both have things in common. They’re both the same age … They like to travel.” Dodd also revealed that she is actually friends with Matteson’s ex-wife, who is reportedly cool with the relationship. Dodd explained that, “The ex-wife is, like, done with him. She wants him to move on, have a good life. She doesn’t have, like she doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards him. She’s like, actually my girlfriend Samantha goes, ‘Actually Scott and Shannon would be a great, great match.'”

Matteson has two daughters from his first wife, according to Radar Online, and they are named Brooke and Brittany. Sadly, Matteson’s first wife, Kimberly Ann, died at the age of 37.

Beador filed for divorce from her ex-husband in December 2017 and reportedly started dating Matteson in July 2018. And, according to Radar, Beador was dating a man named Alex, before getting into a relationship with Matteson. At the time of her relationship with Alex, a source told Radar that they split after two months together because, “Alex was everything that any woman could hope for, but she just wants to be single right now and have fun. She wants to focus on herself and her kids … Alex was showering Shannon with gifts. It was great for her because she learned she’s still a hot, desired woman.” The source added that Beador remained cordial with the mystery man after their split.

When commenting about the split to Reality Blurb in June 2018, Beador said that, “I did start dating somebody. It was pretty amazing, but we didn’t work out.”

One person who was not a fan of Beador’s ex-boyfriend, Alex, was Beador’s RHOC co-star and friend, Tamra Judge. According to The Inquistr, Judge called Alex a “douchebag” and an “asshole”. Beador’s reply to her friend’s words was, “I thought things were great, but they ended up not being great.”

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