Watch 7th Heaven Online: How to Stream Full Episodes

Watch 7th Heaven Online


For 10 seasons on The WB (plus one additional outing on The CW), 7th Heaven creator Brenda Hampton told the story of the Camdens, a family of nine led by its Reverend father Eric and homemaking mom Annie. The show was a conservative family drama that followed the growth of kids Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam and David as they all endured growing pains and found their way through life, love, rebellion, drinking, drugs and more.

Produced by Hampton along with Spelling Television, the show aired 243 episodes and launched the career of Jessica Biel, a then young star who would eventually leave the show to pursue a film career. The show was The WB’s most watched series at the time, with the highest rated episode topping off at 12.5 million viewers.

Thanks to its popularity, the show aired in syndication on multiple networks including the Hallmark Channel, WGN America and ABC Family. Now, you can watch watch 7th Heaven streaming online. Here’s how:

How to Watch 7th Heaven Online & Stream the Complete Series

Among all the streaming services, Hulu has exclusive rights to every episode of 7th Heaven. There are a couple different options when signing up for Hulu, but either one will get you access to the show’s complete library:


If you simply want Hulu’s extensive on-demand library, you can sign up right here. It costs $7.99 per month for the limited commercials plan or $11.99 per month for the no commercials plan.

Hulu With Live TV

If you want to go from watching Hulu’s on-demand library to watching MLB games or other live TV without changing the app, you can sign up for “Hulu with Live TV”. This option gives you access to Hulu’s extensive on-demand library, as well as a bundle of 50-plus live TV channels. It costs $39.99 per month for the plan that includes limited commercials with the on-demand content or $43.99 per month for the plan that includes no commercials with the on-demand content.

After signing up for either of the above options, you can watch any episode of 7th Heaven on your computer via the Hulu website, or on your phone, tablet or streaming device via the Hulu app.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

How Many 7th Heaven Seasons Are There?

There are 11 seasons of the WB’s 7th Heaven.

7th Heaven Season 1

22 Episodes | September 1996 – May 1997

In the first season we meet the Camdens, a tight-knit family living in Glenoak, Calif. There’s minister dad Eric, homemaker mom Annie, and their gaggle of children: Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie. The series undertakes the many issues that come up and the growing pains the kids face these days, and with the strong guidance of mom and dad, the family tackles everything head-on. Eric and Annie discuss serious issues with their kids to help educate their sons and daughters about the world around them. As a result of their love and faith in God, the family remains as close as ever.

7th Heaven Season 2

22 Episodes | August 1997 – May 1998
Eric and Annie renew their vows. September comes and the kids return to school, but each has his or her own issue at hand. Eric and Annie find a joint in the house and wonder which of their children it could belong to. Simon’s friend’s sister has trouble getting out of a gang. Simon befriends a Holocaust survivor and tries to get her to talk to his history class. When money disappears from the church treasury, Annie and Eric try to find out where it went. The family doctor calls with some troubling results from Mary’s last physical.

7th Heaven Season 3

22 Episodes | September 1998 – May 1999
Last season’s news from the doctor proves to be wrong; it’s not Mary who is pregnant, it’s Annie—and twins are on the way. Matt goes to college which gives the show leeway to do a public service announcement about binge drinking. Matt is later wrongly fingered as a suspect of grand theft auto. Eric’s former rock band comes to town, but Eric and Annie are worried about the band’s influence on their children. Annie gives birth to Samuel and David.

7th Heaven Season 4

22 Episodes | September 1999 – May 2000
Eric suffers a minor heart attack and the family must change their ways in order to lower his stress. To rebel against her basketball coach after some imposed academic sanctions, Mary and her teammates vandalize the school gym and are arrested. Not only will Mary lose her college scholarship, but she also faces jail time and expulsion. Simon befriends a shy classmate with Tourette’s Syndrome. A cliffhanger shows that Matt and Heather may or may not have gotten married.

7th Heaven Season 5

22 Episodes | October 2000 – May 2001
Mary’s parents are troubled when she decides to postpone college, but all it leads to is unpaid bills after she loses her job. Mary spends the season continuing down her path of rebellion and destruction. Eric invites Mary’s ex-boyfriend Robbie to move in with the family and it drives Annie crazy. Robbie’s deadbeat dad returns wanting to make amends. Annie finds out her father had another daughter out of wedlock. She eventually accepts her new half-sister. Lucy and Jeremy get engaged.

7th Heaven Season 6

22 Episodes | September 2001 – May 2002
Simon stands up for a bullied classmate only to have the boy tell him he’s going to shoot the students teasing him. Eric and Annie realize their constant arguing is affecting their family. Simon goes to a party and comes home drunk, causing Mary much worry. Matt elopes with Sarah. Ruthie gets a new penpal when she exchanges emails with a soldier stationed in Afghanistan.

7th Heaven Season 7

22 Episodes | September 2002 – May 2003
Policeman Kevin Kinkirk moves into the family’s garage apartment, intending to propose to Lucy in the future. Eric gets scary medical news and undergoes a double bypass. Ruthie gets in trouble when she’s caught with a boy instead of watching her twin brothers. Annie finds a pack of cigarettes in Simon’s room. As Lucy’s wedding day approaches, Eric and Annie struggle to accept that she’s grown up. Mary shares a big secret with Lucky.

7th Heaven Season 8

23 Episodes | September 2003 – May 2004
Simon unintentionally kills a classmate in a car accident and everyone is exhausted trying to help him get through it. Simon plans on taking the CHSPE test so he can start college early. A new Muslim family upends the neighborhood, despite the Camdens’ efforts to make them feel welcome. Annie’s half-sister Lily returns to discuss an important matter regarding their father. Annie’s father eventually passes away. Matt tries to salvage his marriage, but questions his feelings toward ex-girlfriend Heather.

7th Heaven Season 9

22 Episodes | September 2004 – May 2005
Annie and Eric are worried that Simon might be having sex with his new girlfriend, Georgia. Lucy and Kevin learn the sex of their baby, but she questions whether or not she’s ready for motherhood. Simon gets kicked out of his dorm room for letting his girlfriend sleep over. Simon’s ex-girlfriend claims she’s pregnant. A pregnant Lucy collapses at the grocery store, putting the mother-to-be on bed rest. The family learns that Mary filed for divorce and signed away custody of her child.

7th Heaven Season 10

22 Episodes | September 2005 – May 2006
Lucy speaks about parenthood in front of her church, but her message angers most of the parishioners. Ruthie experiences a plethora of dating woes. Racism hits the halls of the high school, and when Martin defends an African-American student, he’s subjected to a hate crime. Simon and Rose’s wedding date conflicts with Matt and Sarah’s graduation from medical school. The twins coax the family into revealing their most personal secrets. Ruthie considers studying in Scotland for the summer, while Lucy, Kevin, Matt and Sarah all await the perfect time to share their own news.

7th Heaven Season 11

22 Episodes | September 2006 – May 2007
The series moved to the CW for one final hurrah. Lucy and Kevin cope with an unexpected tragedy. Annie rushes off to help Mary after she gives birth to twin daughters. Eric invites three homeless teenagers into the Camden home. Eric’s health wavers, and Ruthie is ambivalent despite his prognosis. His health crisis continues throughout the season culminating in the series finale when his clean bill of health is announced. The Colonel and Ruth send Eric and Annie a present in the form of an RV so they can see the rest of the country. Ruthie graduates high school early and plans to see the world. The family considers its different futures.

What Are the Best 7th Heaven Episodes?

With seven children total, the Camdens are certainly kept on their toes. Here’s a list of the best 7th Heaven episodes.

Season 6, Episode 13: “Drunk”

Simon convinces his parents to let him attend a party with a Senior friend of his who promises to watch out for him. When Simon comes back from the shindig completely plastered, his siblings are put in a difficult position when they try to care for him.

Season 6, Episode 16: “I Really Did”

Matt and Sarah secretly elope, but when they face their parents, they only say that they’re engaged. Lucy and Mary suspect that Ruthie knows the truth, but Ruthie and Matt agree to keep the marriage a secret.

Season 2, Episode 17: “Nothing Endures But Change”

After Lucy gets an invite to have pizza with two rebellious friends, she blames herself for the car accident that claims one of the girl’s lives. Her family rallies around her in her time of need.

Season 2, Episode 2: “See You in September”

Eric and Annie take the day off to spend time together since it’s the first day of school for all five of their kids. The first day proves troublesome for all of them as Ruthie violates school policy, Simon is caught with a knife, Lucy and Mary are caught with aspirin, and Matt is caught with a beeper.

Season 9, Episode 12: “Paper or Plastic”

Lucy is upset that her family hasn’t given her any gifts for her baby. When Lucy and Matt go shopping, they get stuck in an elevator and Lucy goes into labor, putting Matt’s medical knowledge in practice. Meanwhile, the Camden parents get the house ready for Lucy’s surprise shower. Lucy gives birth to a baby girl she names Savannah.

Who Are the Actors in the 7th Heaven Cast?

Stephen Collins as Rev, Eric Camden

Collins plays the father of the Camden family. When he’s not playing a Reverend on TV, he can be found admitting to the sexual assaults of three young girls. So…there’s that.

Catherine Hicks as Annie Camden

Annie is the stay at home mother for her family of nine who moonlights as a plumber, seamstress, cook, and more. She also serves as treasurer for the church. Hicks is also in a magical little film called Child’s Play, in addition to Peggy Sue Got Married and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Beverley Mitchell as Lucy Camden

Lucy is the overly dramatic third child of Eric and Annie Camden. Mitchell has also starred in Saw II, The Crow: City of Angels and the TV series Hollywood Darlings.

Mackenzie Rosman as Ruthie Camden

Ruthie is the youngest daughter of the clan who starts as a precocious Pre-Kindergartener and ends the series having graduated high school. Since the show, she appeared on the series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

David Gallagher as Simon Camden

Simon is the fourth child who loves money, golf and cars. He falls in love with a rescue dog and convinces his parents to bring Happy home. Gallagher can also be seen in The Vampire Diaries and Super 8.

Barry Watson as Matt Camden

Matt is the eldest of the Camden kids. By series’ end, he marries his wife Sarah and the two announce they’re expecting twin boys. Watson can be seen in movies like Boogeyman and Teaching Mrs. Tingle.

Jessica Biel as Mary Camden

Mary had many ups and downs throughout the series as the most rebellious offspring of the Camden crew. After she left the show, Biel starred in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, Next and The Illusionist.

Who Are the Top Guest Stars on 7th Heaven?

Mila Kunis as Ashley

Kunis had a four-episode stint on the show as Lucy’s frenemy. Ashley was the bitchy popular girl who Lucy was always trying to get in good with. One year later, Kunis would land her breakthrough role on That 70’s Show.

Jane Lynch as Nurse

One year before her breakout role in A Mighty Wind, Lynch starred as a nurse who worked with Matt.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as Carol and Sue Murphy

The Full House stars played a pair of…well, twins…who Simon wasn’t supposed to hang with because they were “bad girls.”

Who Are the Writers & Creators Behind 7th Heaven?

Brenda Hampton: 7th Heaven Creator, Executive Producer and Writer

Hampton is the creator responsible for producing and writing the series. Her other television credits include The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Fat Actress, Blossom, Mad About You and The John Larroquette Show.

Aaron Spelling: 7th Heaven Executive Producer

7th Heaven was one of the last shows produced by Spelling Television; Spelling died in 2006, one year before the show concluded. His company would eventually become a unit of CBS Television Studios.

Where 7th Heaven Ranks in the Television Pantheon

Unsurprisingly, the Parents Television Council named 7th Heaven as one of its top 10 most family-friendly shows. The show promoted respect for authority and a strong belief in family, faith and education, which spoke to its audience and added to its credibility as being a show for families with children.

While the series doesn’t avoid difficult subject matter like drugs, premarital sex and peer pressure, it uses these topics to show how Annie and Eric provide guidance with love and understanding that their children actually respond to. Additionally, the series was nominated for plenty of awards during its run, including Kids’ Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, TV Guide Awards and an Emmy.

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