WATCH: Russ & Smokepurpp Fight After a Concert

Getty Russ and Smokepurpp

A video has surfaced online of rappers Russ and Smokepurpp getting in a fight after an overseas concert. The video, posted by DJ Akademiks, shows Russ and several members of his entourage attacking Smokepurpp backstage.

Several kicks and punches are exchanged before security appears to break the fight up. Smokepurpp, born Omar Pineiro, can be seen taking a few hard hits to the side of the head at the beginning of the video. Watch the full post below.

Russ Teased the Video Prior to It Being Leaked

The video was first mentioned when Russ appeared on The Breakfast Club and hinted at leaking it. During the interview, the rapper says that he and crew jumped either Smokepurpp or Yung Bans at a concert, and that he has video to back it up. “Those two kids, those are clowns, bro,” he said. “We caught one of them at a festival. That muthaf*cka knows what time it is.”

Russ went on to say that he’ll release the video if the rapper in question continued to talk reckless about him. “I’ma tell you right now, if they respond, they know what time it is,” he added. “We got video too. I’ll leak the video of you getting your a*s beat, so I suggest you tread carefully. I’m done biting my tongue. As much as people think that I talk, I talk about self-sufficiency and about how I do everything myself and you can do it too.”

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The feud between Smokepurpp and Russ, born Russell Vitale, started when the former posted a photo of Russ’ sister as his Instagram profile and insulted him in numerous posts, calling him a “b*tch” and writing “f*ck Russ” on Twitter. The two eventually met in person after July’s Splash Festival, where Russ and his crew reportedly started the fight.

After the video was posted online, Smokepurpp took to Instagram to explain what happened. “Like I said before,” he explains, “I got in the bathroom, I come out the bathroom, there’s like seven dudes there, I ain’t never seen them in my life… I fought all seven n*ggas. I fought all of them.”

Smokepurpp Claims That Russ Didn’t Actually Fight

Smokepurpp goes on to claim that Russ never got involved with the fight. “Russ did not do sh*t. Russ is scary… He do not wanna fight me hands up so I guess he sent them dudes to jump me.”

Russ commented on the video posted by DJ Akademiks, writing: “LMAO ppl think this is high school on some ‘meet me after class,’ NAH… you talkin’ crazy sh*t online and I’ve never met none of y’all weirdos or talked to y’all. Lie in the bed you made. This is not after school parking lot fights. Take your a*s beating and move on.”

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Russ has gotten negative feedback from fans on Twitter. Many believed that he was in the wrong by having his crew fight Smokepurpp instead of doing it himself. “So you’re all telling me that Russ gets a W because he blindsided and jumped Smokepurpp 6 against 1, and never threw a punch himself? Nah,” wrote one user.

“Russ think he means business cuz he got his homies to jump Smokepurpp for him LMAO. Disgraceful,” another fan wrote. Russ can hold this f*cking L.” Check out additional reactions below.

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