Watch Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Online: How to Stream Full Episodes

Watch Tim and Eric Awesome Show Online


Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is sketch comedy at its most Adult Swim-ian. Taking its tongue in cheek name into consideration, it’s no surprise that the Cartoon Network show employs surrealist and often satirical humor to the point of cringe-worthiness, as it delivers faux public access musical acts and bizarre “commercials” all with unique, wonky editing and special effects.

According to creators Tim Heidecker and and Eric Wareheim, the series is “the nightmare version of television,” thanks to its off-the-wall style of Anything-Goes comedy. The show is jam-packed with recurring sketches and bits from celebrity guests including Weird Al Yankovic and John C. Reilly, the latter of whom plays Channel 5 Correspondent Dr. Steve Brule.

The show ran for five seasons on Adult Swim and also aired two specials. As Season 5 progressed, the series grew darker and darker, earning itself a TV-MA rating. At its conclusion, Tim and Eric both decided it was time to change gears and update their formula, thus ending this particular version of Tim and Eric as we know it.

Here’s how to watch Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! streaming online.

How to Watch Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Online & Stream the Complete Series

Among all the streaming services, Hulu has exclusive rights to every episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. There are a couple different options when signing up for Hulu, but either one will get you access to the show’s complete library:


If you simply want Hulu’s extensive on-demand library, you can sign up right here. It costs $7.99 per month for the limited commercials plan or $11.99 per month for the no commercials plan.

Hulu With Live TV

If you want to go from watching Hulu’s on-demand library to watching MLB games or other live TV without changing the app, you can sign up for “Hulu with Live TV”. This option gives you access to Hulu’s extensive on-demand library, as well as a bundle of 50-plus live TV channels. It costs $39.99 per month for the plan that includes limited commercials with the on-demand content or $43.99 per month for the plan that includes no commercials with the on-demand content.

After signing up for either of the above options, you can watch any episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! on your computer via the Hulu website, or on your phone, tablet or streaming device via the Hulu app.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

How Many Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Seasons Are There?

There are five total seasons of Tim and Eric tomfoolery with the addition of two specials that aired in 2010 and 2017.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 1

10 Episodes | February 2007 – April 2007

Tim’s Dad sends Eric a gift basket to wish him luck on his new show. Reilly’s Dr. Steve Brule makes his debut reporting on fruits and veggies, but he’s not quite ready for the big premiere. Tim uses magic to change into a cat, but can’t figure out how to regain his human form. Tim and Eric consider a plan to replace their crew with a gaggle of elderly men. A pizza delivery boy (Arrested Development‘s David Cross) sings about abstinence to a locker-room porn star in a faux-film entitled “Pizza Boy.” Maria Bamford appears on the fictional Channel 5 to discuss proper skin care and her abusive mother on her also-fictional show, “The New You.” Tim and Eric are late on delivering an episode to the network and call on Hamburger Taxi (Neil Hamburger) to get the tape there on time.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 2

10 Episodes | November 2007 – January 2008

The guest star power is in full force for Tim and Eric‘s second helping. Eric comes back from break with a video of his vacation. Magician Gregory hosts “Trick My Trick.” When Eric has to compete for his kids’ respect, he’s overshadowed by the cool factor of the Heidecker family. A new hit show called “See My Goatee” turns beards and stubble into sexy goatees. Steve Brule introduces a new technique of self defense to his audience: Last Resort Fighting.” Jeff Goldblum shows up to advertise a miracle drug called WaitMate which allows users to sleep through boring waiting periods. Eric takes WaitMate so he doesn’t have to wait any longer for Tim’s birthday party, but he overdoses on it and accidentally erases his memory. A new art technique involving house cats is introduced, but will Pussy Doodles become a hit?

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 3

10 Episodes | July 2008 – September 2008

Tim inherits a gift from beyond the grave—he can now create porcelain tiger statues out of thin air. Tim has an affair with Eric’s wife. Bob Odenkirk steps in to help fix Tim and Eric’s relationship after Tim kills Eric’s rascal (you think the affair would’ve caused the rift…). The show is hijacked by a newcomer called The Jim and Derrick Show. Bamford returns to help audiences find the secret to cleaning up after your cat. Tim and Eric’s jazz band perfects some serious jazz chatter scats.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 4

10 Episodes | February 2009 – April 2009

“Season Quad” returns with even more guest stars and bananas bits. Tim and Eric host a blizzard party. Eric gets a third testicle implanted into his body to give himself “more pizazz.” Tim and Eric embark on a road trip to visit Eric’s parents in Florida. Tim and Eric hire The Room director Tommy Wiseau to direct a “Pig Man” sketch for them. Dr. Steve gives the audience tips about eggs. Ben Hur heads to the show to host “The Ben Hur Show Awesome.” Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ singer Karen O pumps out the jams. A high-stakes game of tennis could change the entire Tim and Eric show forever.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 5

10 Episodes | February 2010 – May 2010

A new Channel 5 cop drama, “Quall of Duty,” premieres. Eric hits puberty before Tim causing Tim to seek out expedited ways to catch up. Will Grello teaches kids how to build forts using common living room supplies in “Fortin’ with Will.” Tim and Eric compete to determine who is the “number one handsome man.” Ben Stiller and Ben Hur join get together to form a comedy duo called “Ben StillHur.” With the holidays around the corner, Tim and Eric begin lactating and decide that their man milk will make for perfect holiday gifts.

What Are the Best Tim and Eric Great Show, Awesome Job! Episodes?

Between batshit crazy sketches and huge guest star power, Tim and Eric delivered a lot of standout content. Here’s a list of the best Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! episodes.

Season 4, Episode 5: “Tommy”

The man, the myth, the legend Tommy Wiseau co-stars in “Tommy” where the director is tasked with directing a sketch for Tim and Eric entitled “Pig Man.” Wiseau is a gift from the universe who naturally meshes with the Awesome Show‘s vibe. Fred Willard and Sydnee Steele also star.

Season 3, Episode 3: “Rascals”

When Tim and Eric’s friendship goes on the fritz, Bob Odenkirk saves the day…and the show. Cinco introduces the Cinco-Fone. Tairy Greene launches a child acting class. Patton Oswalt, Ed Begley, Jr., and Zach Galifianakis also appear.

Season 2, Episode 10: “Embarrassed”

Tim is embarrassed after Eric shares a naked baby photo of him with the audience. Dr. Steve Brule reports from a vineyard. Cinco shows us a brand new digital umpire called the “D’ump.”

Season 2, Episode 6: “Carol”

Dr. Steve Brule gives hygiene advice. Cinco markets their new edible toy called “Candy Tails.”

Season 1, Episode 2: “Friends”

Eric gives Tim an ornamental hot dog after finding out about Tim’s illness: he is dying of “limp lip.” The joke is on Eric when it’s revealed Tim is faking it. Dr. Steve Brule celebrates 10 years in broadcasting. Pierre teaches kids a new dance called the “Doo Dah Doo Doo.” Tim and Eric write a jingle for Rolos and pitch it to them. Brian Posehn lends his voice as an announcer.

Season 5, Episode 5: “Crows”

Tim’s eyes are attacked by crows. The flamboyant Paynus Brothers pop group start a new spanking trend. Cinco advertises the Sleepwatching Chair, which sounds like everything I ever needed.

Who Are the Actors in the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Cast?

Tim Heidecker as Various Characters

Heidecker is the “Tim” in the show’s title. One half of the comedy duo Tim & Eric, Heidecker helped create other shows like Tom Goes to the Mayor and Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories. Heidecker can also be seen in Bridesmaids and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Eric Wareheim as Various Characters

The Eric to Heidecker’s Tim, Wareheim also created Tom Goes to the Mayor and Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories. In addition to his accomplishments with Heidecker, he’s a producer and actor on Aziz Ansari’s Master of None.

John C. Reilly as Dr. Steve Brule

Reilly plays the inept news reporter and doctor who always appears uncomfortable being “on the air.” The Brule character was spun off into his own series called Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule. Reilly is an Oscar nominee for his supporting role in Chicago and has appeared in countless films like Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, The Hours, Year of the Dog and The Good Girl.

Bob Odenkirk as Various Characters

Odenkirk is no stranger to sketch comedy. The Better Call Saul actor is a sketch veteran having created and starred in Mr. Show with David Cross on HBO.

Who Are the Top Guest Stars on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!?

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! has a bottomless amount of guest talent that helps the sketch show stay odd and out there. Comedians like Maria Bamford, David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Neil Hamburger, Will Forte, Bill Hader, David Wain, Flight of the Conchords, The Lonely Island, Fred Armisen, Michael Ian Black, Scott Thompson and Paul Rudd barely scratch the surface of the list of stars who bring laughs to Tim and Eric. It’s easy to see why fans of comedy would be attached to the show. But it’s not just comedians who guest star. Other celebrities, musicians and actors make appearances like Aimee Mann, Jeff Goldblum, Rainn Wilson, Ed Begley Jr., John Mayor, Patrick Duffy, Danny Trejo, Marilyn Manson, Michael Gross, A.D. Miles and Dave Navarro also show. All this combined A-level talent help elevate the show to sketch comedy gold.

Who Are the Writers & Creators Behind Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!?

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! was created by–you guessed it–Tim and Eric.

Tim Heidecker: Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Co-creator, Producer, Director, Writer and Actor

Heidecker met his other half, Eric Wareheim when the two were attending Temple University. The two immediately began creating shorts and cartoon strips, later sending their work to a few of their comedy heroes including Bob Odenkirk. Odenkirk liked what he saw and agreed to collaborate with the duo on the show Tom Goes to the Mayor which ran on Adult Swim for two seasons. Shortly after, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! was born.

Eric Wareheim: Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Co-creator, Producer, Director, Writer and Actor

After the show wrapped, the duo made Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollars Movie which continued their brand of comedy, and crude, rough around the edges production style. The two would also go on to create Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule and Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories.

Where Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Ranks in the Television Pantheon

Equally inspired by the awkwardness of The Office and the eerie discomfort of David Lynch films, Tim and Eric brought a series that’s every bit as surreal as it is funny. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! stands out from the pack of other sketch comedy series thanks to its lack of boundaries and ability to create an aesthetic out of cringey comedy. Critic James Norton wrote, “If Adult Swim is the bleeding edge of TV comedy, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is the bleeding edge of the bleeding edge.”

Some may call the series “stoner comedy”—which may be accurate—but at times the show is even weirder than that. Tim and Eric once said they were drawn to, “darkness, discomfort, confusion and things that shouldn’t exist,” which seems to be the perfect summation of the series. In short—this isn’t a show for everyone, though its unnerving visuals and gaudy subject matter brings forth smart concepts that skewer TV conventions like commercials and local broadcasts with a sharp satirical lens. For viewers who love all sorts of fringe comedy, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! may be just what the socially awkward doctor with the weird glasses ordered.

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