WATCH: Will Smith Plans to Jump out of a Helicopter for His Birthday


Today is legendary actor/musician Will Smith’s 50th Birthday! And what do you know? The Fresh Prince is going to celebrate it by doing something crazy. Forget a surprise party for his 50th. This afternoon, Will Smith plans to bungee jump out of a helicopter.

The best part about it? He’s going to broadcast it live on YouTube for the world to see! A few hours from now, YouTube will live stream Smith in a helicopter as he plans to jump out near the grand canyon. I mean, did you really expect anything less from Will Smith?

Ever since Will Smith became a regular user on social media, he has done everything ‘Big Willie Style.’ Once Smith spotted trends, he decided to one-up everybody with everything that he did. Not too long ago, he won over the internet as he joined in on the famous “In My Feelings” challenge and won over the internet by doing it on top of a bridge in Budapest. Now, the 50-year-old is just living his best life, as he live streams his next stunt.

Check Out The Live Stream Here:

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