Who Is Murphy Brown’s Son’s Father? Will He Be on the Show?

Murphy Brown & Jake

CBS Murphy Brown & Jake

Murphy Brown is returning tonight, and one of the new characters that we’re going to meet is Murphy Brown’s grown son, Avery. Avery is being portrayed by Jake McDorman. But a question many fans are wondering is just who is Avery’s father  — and will he be appearing on the show?

Here is a recap of Avery’s background and his father.

Robin Thomas played the role of Jake Lowenstein on Murphy Brown, who is Avery’s father.

Jake is an underground leftist radical who was once married to Murphy Brown.

In Season three, Murphy and Jake briefly reignited their relationship and Murphy became pregnant with Jake’s child. Jake wasn’t willing to give up his lifestyle to become a parent, so Murphy decided to raise her son alone.

Because Murphy raised Avery as a single parent, it may not be important whether or not the character of Jake ever returns. It’s possible that she and Avery will mention Jake’s fate during an episode, but nothing has been released publicly about the character’s fate.

In fact, Robin Thomas was only on five episodes of Murphy Brown, according to IMDB. He appeared in one episode in 1988, then three episodes in 1991, and finally he returned in 1996 for the episode “Old Flames.” But in 1996, he returned in the form of a dream, so his character didn’t really return.

At this time, it’s not known if Robin Thomas will return to Murphy Brown and reprise his role as Jake. He hasn’t been on any confirmed cast lists and media have not mentioned seeing him in the first three episodes, which were released early to the press. And Robin Thomas himself hasn’t commented on if he’s coming back. So for now, fans are hoping that he will return. But whether or not he actually will remains to be seen. And it may not be likely, since his character actually wasn’t on the show very much.

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