BoxLock on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Lock that Protects Packages

BoxLock Shark Tank, Brad Ruffkess on Shark Tank, Shark Tank lock designed to protect packages


BoxLock is a new product that ensures your packages won’t be stolen from package thieves. The product was created by Brad Ruffkess, who wanted to find a way to prevent people from stealing packages that were delivered to his home.

How does it work?

Launched in July, BoxLock is a yellow lock that connects to the internet and is attached to a storage bin. When a delivery driver arrives, they will press a button on the lock, and use a barcode scanner that is on the lock to scan the package. The lock then connects to the internet to determine whether the package is for the person who lives at that address and if the package is out for delivery. If all checks out, the lock will open and the driver can leave the package in the bin. You then receive a notification on your phone saying the package has been delivered.

The product’s website boasts that it is “The first smart padlock designed to protect deliveries.
BoxLock makes sure that you get your packages reliably, when you expect them.”

BoxLock Home – Smart Padlock for Protecting DeliveriesLearn more at Available on Amazon at: The first smart padlock designed to protect deliveries. BoxLock makes sure that you get your packages reliably, when you expect them.2017-11-08T01:38:08.000Z

In their review of the product, Business Insider writes, “Beyond the peace of mind that comes with secure deliveries, the BoxLock system can also make the agonizing wait for a package much easier to bare.”

The product sold out on Amazon Prime Day and is now available in 48 states and 1,000 zip codes. It costs $129 and works on any bin or box with a lockable lid.

While other products have been made to ensure package safety, they are only limited to Amazon deliveries.

Rufkess tells WMAR 2 that that isn’t the case for BoxLock. “We’re the only nationally available solution to be able to protect deliveries across all the major carriers: UPS, USPS, FedEx and Amazon.”

But do drivers know what to do when they come into contact with the yellow lock? At first, some didn’t. WMAR-2 reporter Mallory Sofastaii used the product only to find that just one driver knew how to use the system. Since then, however, the company has partnered with major carriers to inform drivers how it works.

Ruffkess tells the outlet, “What we’ve seen is the more BoxLocks there are in the neighborhood, the more familiar the drivers are when using it, the faster they are when using it, the better the customer experience is on the other side of it.”

As of October 5, BoxLock had 3.5 stars on Amazon with 48 customer reviews. The better reviews read things like, “Our packages are now safe— and it couldn’t be easier.” Others wrote things like, “This product works great! If only the delivery drivers actually used it.”

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