‘Serial’ Season 3 Episode 5: Meet Prosecutor Brian Radigan

Serial Season 3

Serial Serial Season 3

Brian Radigan is the Cleveland prosecutor that Sarah Koenig speaks to in-depth during Serial Season 3 Episode 5. He explains how being a prosecutor works and walks her through some of his cases, including the case of Abdul Rahman shooting Andrew Easley. Here are some more details about Radigan.

Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Brian Radigan, 38, is a lawyer who focuses mostly on major crimes like homicides, Koenig explains. He has a heavy caseload. When Koenig interviewed him, he was handling 20 cases.

According to Cleveland.com, Radigan was hired as an assistant prosecutor in 2006. He was assigned to major trials in 2010. He has worked on some high-profile trials, including being the lead prosecutor when Andrey Bridge was convicted of killing a transgender woman, Cemia “Ce Ce” Dove, and dumping her body in a pond. Radigan also was the prosecutor for a trial against Alan Buford, a Cleveland cop who was charged and ultimately acquitted in shooting Brandon King. In 2017, Radigan wrote in a court filing that Buford should not have had his finger on the trigger when he and another officer “sandwiched” Brandon Jones between them, Cleveland.com reported.

“There is no legal, logical or policy-based justification for employing such a hazardous posture in a close-quarters encounters with a suspect, particular one assumed to have committed nothing more than serious than the theft of a bag of groceries,” Radigan wrote.

In 2012, he prosecuted a case involving a man, Cedric Parker, 23, who used an 80-year-old woman as a shield during a gunfight with police, Fox 8 reported. (The elderly woman survived.) Radigan said about the case, “It’s one of the more cowardly acts I’ve ever seen.” Parker was put in jail for 24 years.

In 2013, Radigan was recognized as Meritorious Assistant Prosecutor by the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association.

In 2014, he was honored for his help in bringing serial rapist Elias Acevedo Sr. to justice, Cuyahoga County reported.

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