Donald Trump: “How Good Was Kanye West?”

Getty Images Kanye West at the Ralph Lauren Fashion Show.

Saturday Night Live had a notably different season premiere this past weekend. It was rumored that since Ariana Grande decided to not be the musical guest for personal reasons, Kanye West would join the show to perform instead. As always with Kanye, the crowd should expect the unexpected. And West’s speech that went well beyond the airing time was surely surprising to those who were in attendance.

It took a few hours before the videos hit the net. Kanye West did an improv speech that wouldn’t all make television since the network cut him off. But in typical Kanye West fashion, he kept on preaching. While he received mixed reviews from the audience, he did seem to have a fan in the crowd who didn’t mind taping and sharing some of the speech that Kanye delivered. Here is a video from Actor/Comedian, Chris Rock.

Here Are Clips of the Speech

It’s unclear about how Chris Rock actually felt about the speech as you can clearly hear his chuckling in the background. But outside of Rock and the supposed “3 people” that clapped, Kanye did have some other people who were fans of his speech from the other night. One of them happened to be President Donald Trump.

Clearly, it was only a matter of time before Trump made a comment on Kanye’s “Pro-Trump” message, that he delivered with a “Make America Great Again” hat on. Although Trump, who is anti-SNL did not watch the premiere, he did happen to catch some of Kanye’s speech on the internet and decided to tweet out a personal shoutout to the rapper.

Trump’s Shoutout to West

Not only did Trump tweet about Kanye, but the president also name-dropped him during a speech in Tennesee on Monday, according to White House Correspondent, Charlie Spiering. Kanye and Trump have not spoken face-to-face in quite some time now, but apparently, the rapper plans to schedule a meeting with the President, and Colin Kaepernick soon, according to Fox News.

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