Who Is the Killer on This Season of ‘How to Get Away with Murder?’

Who Is the Killer on This Season of 'How to Get Away with Murder?, HTGAWM Season 5 Killer


How To Get Away With Murder has gotten off to an explosive start, and fans can’t wait to find out who’s responsible for this season’s death. As usual, the show started with a flash forward. And what did we see? Someone covered in blood, lying in the snow at Oliver and Connor’s wedding, taking their last few breaths.

Who dies? Who’s responsible? How did it happen? All this will be uncovered as the show continues, and this post will be updated all season long with more information as it becomes available.

What we do know is that Bonnie is somehow involved. In the second episode of the season, flash forwards showed Bonnie with bloodied hands, trying to clean the mess up.

By now, we’re all well aware that Bonnie had a rough childhood– she was abused by her father and other men growing up. When she was just 15, she became pregnant, only to pass out during labor and be told, when she woke up, that the baby had died.

It was in court, while she was being cross-examined, that Bonnie met Annalise.

Could Bonnie be this season’s killer? She was responsible for Rebecca’s death in season 1. But Shonda Rhimes doesn’t usually give away her killer this early on. If it’s Bonnie, there’s got to be some more twists and turns involved.

At the end of the first episode, we were given another hint: Christopher was there. That’s right– the little baby boy was seen crying in the snow, not far from the victim.

Who’s Dead?

As for who it is that dies, that’s also very much up in the air.

Annalise and Frank must be safe. They’re chatting when the camera cuts to whoever the victim is lying in the snow. We’re also assuming that Conner and Oliver are safe considering it’s their wedding.

The fact that Christopher is in the snow suggests that it may be Laurel. But, alas, Shonda Rhimes is never so obvious. It is possible that it’s Laurel’s mother, Sandrine, as she’s been a target for a while now.

For now, we’ll have to watch as the season unfolds to figure out who the goner is.