Is Kanye West Stepping Away From Politics Because His adidas Sneakers Aren’t Selling?

Kanye West at the White House Meeting with Donald Trump [October 11, 2018]

Getty Images Kanye West at the White House Meeting with Donald Trump [October 11, 2018]

Kanye West’s recent venture into the realm of politics has been nauseating for the majority of society who admire the musician for his artistry and creative endeavors.

There isn’t anything wrong with public figures and creatives voicing their opinions or aligning with their choice of political parties or rhetoric at all. It only becomes dangerous when these influential members of society embolden themselves to back an administration without doing the proper research to ensure you and these political leaders share a common goal and you aren’t being used as a prop for future poll statistics.

Unfortunately, for Kanye West, the Chicago-bred producer turned designer could possibly be a prop for the now in power Trump administration. And he himself might be realizing this after releasing a series of cryptic Tweets today revealing that he will be stepping away from the political realm permanently in order to focus on his creative ventures.

Kanye’s Straddling & Strange Series of Tweets

Kanye West began his rant with similar ideologies we’ve become accustomed to by the hip-hop artist in recent history. Job creation and opportunity have been huge talking points in the Trump administration but, we’ve yet to see any concrete concepts or legislation come from the Oval office in regards to employment. Unemployment has been steadily decreasing since the previous Obama administration with no major financial legislation being put in place besides the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act signed in December of last year by President Donald Trump.

Matter of fact, the signing of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act was supposed to spark an investment boom, which according to The Washington Post has failed to do so.

Fortunately, Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, has worked closely with the Head of State in regards to reforming the prison industrial complex that has been bestowed upon the citizens of the United States of America. And strangely, Kim has found success by inspiring President Trump to grant clemency to a 63-year-old woman by the name of Alice Marie Johnson who was previously serving a life sentence.

And lastly, West mentioned the restoration of firearm regulations. Which has been a topic the GOP and the Trump administration has been dodging since stepping into office.

From the sound of this particular Tweet, it appears that Kanye West is still in support of the current presidential administration and will continue to work closely with those in power for his own interest. Which in turn, is beneficial for his hometown city of Chicago and for the general public to witness.

In Kanye West’s next Tweet, he spoke in support of those who serve the country while denouncing those who abuse their positions of power. While also speaking in support of migrating people’s seeking refuge from the dangers of the world.

All of this as functioning members of society should be able to support this message as well.

In his next Tweet, Kanye shouts out his own specific support system before revealing that he never wanted to be associated with a new movement entitled Blexit. According to USA Today, Blexit was a movement curated by Candace Owens and Kanye West to inspire African-American voters to detach themselves from the Democratic Party and form an alliance with the GOP.

Kanye West made it very clear that he had never intended on being apart of the political migration movement and that he was moving forward with no political motives at the core of his message.

Kanye Announces He’s Ditching Politics

For his final Tweet of the afternoon, Kanye states that he will no longer be involving himself in the realm of politics and will dedicate his time strictly to the process of creativity. With his supposed album Yandhi on the way and his creative endeavors with adidas being a top priority, Kanye claims that he will be locking back in and providing his supporters with high-quality musical content and apparel products.

This sounds good in theory coming from the ill-informed West who appeared to be regurgitating rhetoric from a potentially harmful and misinformed source. But could Kanye West be backing away from politics because of another reason the general public isn’t aware of?

Is Kanye Distancing Himself From Politics For The Sake of Sneaker Sales?

According to e-commerce expert and the Senior Industry Advisor of the Sports division at NPD, Matt Powell, Kanye West’s latest sneaker release, the adidas YEEZY 700 ‘Mauve’ has yet to sell out at commercial retailers. Which could possibly be extremely bad for business for adidas moving forward.

This might not sound like a big deal to those of you who aren’t as well-versed in sneaker culture as others. But, usually, when Kanye West has an adidas x YEEZY silhouette on the way, the sneaker sells out almost instantaneously upon its release.

The adidas YEEZY 700 ‘Mauve’ was set to release via online retailers and select in-store adidas YEEZY retailers on Saturday, October 27th and continues to sit on shelves in a multitude of different sizes.

Some online publications like FootwearNews, are claiming that Kanye West’s erratic behavior and political posturing is not sustainable for his YEEZY brand which could vastly affect his business dealings with sneaker company adidas.

This is the first time this has ever happened since Kanye West originally teamed up with adidas in 2014. Since Ye was not able to reach his usual objective of selling out his signature sneakers within minutes– could he be using this statement of renouncing his political activities and stance as an incentive to get his former customer base back?

We could be witnessing the implosion of Kanye West’s consumer base right before our very eyes which could possibly be the cause for him to publicly denounce his recent illogical political ideals that have been making headlines of late.

Are Kanye’s statements about staying out of politics for the betterment of his followers and the people or it is it a business tactic to ensure that his sneaker empire doesn’t crumble in the near future?

Only time will tell. Let’s just hope his intentions are pure and gets back to making music like this…

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