Kate Chastain on ‘Below Deck’ Season 6 Cast

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Kate Chastain and Captain Harold Lee Rosbach are staples on Below Deck and it wouldn’t be a new season without them. As the show enters season 6, Chastain has said that this will be the best season yet. So, it sounds like fans are in for some entertainment. Chastain tweeted that, “I’ve been dying to talk about season 6 of #BelowDeck since we wrapped filming because it is by far, THE BEST SEASON EVER.” She and Rosbach are the only familiar faces who have returned, so this season is filled with new people on the cast.

This season, Chastain is on a boat in Tahiti, for the first time, and another first was having a male stew. Chastain said the new location has really amped her up for the new season, telling Decider that, “We’ve done the Caribbean so many times that, this sounds spoiled, but that felt like work. Like, oh, this palm tree again. But going to Tahiti it felt like when I started yachting, an adventure.” Chastain also said that, “Even if I had a bad season [before], then I’m like, well this has got to be the season that’s going to get easier and I’m going to get my dream team this season. Our crew is so good, they’ve got very strong personalities but interesting, all different, but I like them all for the most part.”

One person who Chastain loves to work with this season, and as always, is Captain Lee. Recently, Chastain was age shamed on social media, according to Bravo, and the Captain came to her defense, tweeting that, “It’s the quality and if you can get class, culture, and breeding in the same package as I have in @Kate_Chastain you take in and be thankful for it. I know a lot of Capt’s that would love to have her.” Chastain is close with Captain Lee, as well as Lee’s wife, Mary Anne.

When it comes to any spoilers on some of the guests’ requests this season, Chastain dished to the Decider about one of the theme parties this season. She revealed, “We have a fun wig party. Onesie parties. The thing with Tahiti was it’s so beautiful and so new to everyone that I feel like they didn’t want as many theme parties as a lot of guests do. Because Tahiti itself was like, whoa. We had a lot of Tahitian themed parties.”

As for all of the fresh faces joining the cast this season, one of the deckhands has an accident that could have ended up fatal, being pulled overboard. In addition to Chastain and Captain Lee, this season’s cast consists of Steward Josiah Carter, Stewardess Caroline Bedol, Chef Adrian Martin, Bosun Chandler Brooks, Deckhand Ross Inia, Deckhand Ashton Pienaar, and Deckhand Rhylee Gerber.

To watch Below Deck online, there are instructions on alternative ways to watch the show, aside from via TV. Find the instructions here. The show airs on the Bravo network, on Tuesday nights, at 9 p.m. ET/PT and 8 p.m. CT.