Marzia, PewDiePie’s Fiancé, Is Leaving YouTube

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Marzia via YouTube

Marzia Bisognin, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg’s Fiancé, is ending her six-year-old YouTube career.

Bisognin made the announcement in a YouTube video released Monday. She said that she wanted to try something new in her life beyond YouTube for a long time now. She especially struggled this year to find a reason to keep going with the channel. She said she’s not fatigued with the channel. She just wants to find her own path in life.

“You gave me the best years of my life,” Bisognin said to her audience. “And I know that I’m probably going to miss this, but I also have to listen to what I’m feeling on the inside and I don’t want to force myself to keep going when I feel like I’m ready to do something different.”

Goodbye Youtube.In this video I tell my Youtube story, and about my decision to leave. THANK YOU all for sticking around for a few years, I really did have an amazing time, but hopefully my reasons come across in this video. Music by Ikson You can still find me on IG and Twitter! Instagram: itsmarziapie…2018-10-22T14:03:27.000Z

Bisognin also talked about the origins of her channel in the video. After moving to Sweden in 2011 to live with Kjellberg, she became inspired by YouTube channels like JennaMarbles. Kjellberg has been working on his YouTube channel for a few months at that point, so she decided to throw her hat in the ring too and created her own channel on January 12, 2012. She said that it was daunting at first but she loved having her own corner of the internet to share her life with other people around the world. Then as Kjellberg’s channel started to blow up, her channel started to explode as well.

The YouTube channel has 7.4 million subscribers and 127 million views.

Many of Bisognin’s fans took to the video’s comment section to express their sadness in the end of her channel and to send her well wishes.

“You’re actually the reason I started watching YouTubers back in 2011,” YouTube user Adela said. “You inspire me every day and I am so grateful for all the videos you have uploaded.”

“This made me cry, and watching this I felt like a part of my life was closing,” user kxczynski said. “I wish you nothing else than growth and happiness.”

Bisognin was engaged to Kjellberg in April, according to Ladbible. Kjellberg is the most subscribed YouTuber on the platform with over 67 million subscribers according to analytics website Social Blade.