Mega Millions: Best Memes & Tweets from People Who Didn’t Win

Mega Millions Memes

Twitter Mega Millions Memes

Now that the big drawing for the billion-dollar Mega Millions has happened, people are sharing a lot of tweets and memes while they wait. Unfortunately, most people quickly realized that they didn’t win. (I’ve had the bad luck of only matching one number most of the time that I’ve played.) Here are some of the best memes, tweets, and jokes about the big Mega Millions drawing.

This is all too true for many people. They hoped they would walk away with a big enough win to never have to go to work again. Sadly, this didn’t happen.

Even the dog looks sad in this next one. :(

You might be interested to know that some big winners keep their jobs and try to keep their lives as normal as possible after winning. Back in January 2016, the Powerball $1.6 billion jackpot was split among three winners in Tennessee, Florida, and Chino Hills, California. The first to claim their prize were John and Lisa Robinson from Tennessee, who appeared on the Today show two days later. The Robinsons went on TV before they actually officially claimed their win, which caused a lot of confusion. They said they did it that way to get in front of the story, and they intended to continue working, pay off their mortgage, and help with their daughter’s student loans.

Many of us can relate to this feeling:

Dreaming of $1 billion and ending up with $2 is sad.

But what do you do when it’s a group pool and you only won $20?

It’s really sad when none of your numbers match.

Some people like to wait as long as possible to check, so they can dream a little longer.

Others are trying to see a silver lining no matter what.

Maybe this is a good song for when you don’t win.

Tonight’s jackpot was the largest in Mega Millions’ history (which could now appropriately be called Mega Billions.) The largest jackpot to date in a U.S. lottery was the $1.6 billion January 2016 jackpot for Powerball. If no one wins tonight, then the Mega Millions jackpot might rival that one.

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