‘Mr. Feeny’ Scares Burglar Away From His California Home

William daniels mr. feeny

Getty Actor William Daniels in 2001.

Don’t cross Mr. Feeny! Actor William Daniels, best known for his role as the popular teacher on “Boy Meets World,” reportedly prevented a burglary at his home in the San Fernando Valley.

The attempted break-in occurred Saturday, October 27, around 9:20 in the evening. According to TMZ, which first reported the story, police said 91-year-old Daniels heard someone try to break in through the back door. His wife, Bonnie Bartlett, was also home at the time. Daniels got up and turned on the lights. This prompted the would-be burglar to think twice and to run away.

A representative for Daniels issued this statement to ABC affiliate KABC-TV following the incident: “Luckily, Mr. Daniels was able to frighten away the person and the LAPD quickly responded. They are both well. Mr. Daniels thanks all his fans for their concern.”

Los Angeles Police Department officials told TMZ that the attempted break-in appears to have been random. They do not believe Daniels and his wife were specifically targeted.

At the end of September, investigators arrested four suspects accused of running a burglary ring that raided the homes of celebrities. Victims of that scheme included Rihanna, professional baseball player Yasiel Puig and NFL player Robert Woods. Police said the attempt at Daniels’ home did not appear to be connected to that accused ring.

Daniels’ former “Boy Meets World” co-star Will Friedle tweeted a shout-out to his former fictional teacher. Friedle played Eric on the popular 90s sitcom. He tweeted, “Don’t ever mess with Mr. Feeny! #LoveYouBillAndBonnie.”

Fans of the sitcom will remember that Bonnie Bartlett joined the cast in later seasons. She was Lila Bolander, the dean of the fictional Pennbrook University, where Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Angela, Eric and Rachel attended college.

The attempted burglary inspired many amused reactions from fans on social media. Some joked that “Mr. Feeny” would have given the burglar a stern lecture if he had the chance. Here are a few examples of posts shared on Twitter:

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