Scott Tadych Calls Kathleen Zellner a C**t in Angry Facebook Message

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Scott Tadych has recently come under renewed fire after Kathleen Zellner, Steven Avery’s newest attorney, accused Tadych and his step-son Bobby Dassey of being suspects in the death of Teresa Halbach. Tadych is Barbara Tadych‘s husband and step-father to Brendan Dassey.

According to Rolling Stone, Zellner alleged in a motion she filed that Barbara Tadych’s son Bobby Dassey and her husband Scott Tadych were nearby the location of Halbach’s last recorded cellphone activity. Zellner also claimed she had evidence that Barbara’s family computer had graphic searches related to young women and death during a time when only Bobby Dassey was home and had access to the computer. Zellner further claimed that Dassey lied in his initial trial testimony to cover up for himself.

Tadych, who has never been been arrested, charged, nor implicated by authorities in connection with Halbach’s death, was angry and shared his thoughts about Zellner and her accusations on social media.

Tadych Called Zellner a C–t on Facebook After Season Two of MAM Aired & Fresh Hate Mail Poured In

Tadych lashed out at Zellner on social media shortly after the second season of Making a Murderer was released and a fresh wave of angry fans of the show sent Tadych a slew of letters accusing him of involvement in Teresa Halbach’s death.

He wrote in a Facebook post: “I would like to take a minute of my time from reading all these nasty emails and messages to thank Kathleen Zellner for all the false accusations against me and my stepson Bobby. And for ruining our lives I think you’re a f–ken c–t thank you and have a good day.”

Zellner shared a screenshot of the message on her Twitter account, sarcastically stating “why would anyone think this ‘prince’ of a fellow would be angry enough to hurt a woman?”

An Angry Phone Call Between Avery, Tadych and Avery’s Sister Barbara Raised More Questions For Viewers

Many fans of the show share Zellner’s belief that Tadych had a hand in the murder of Teresa Halbach and that he helped frame his brother-in-law Steven Avery. Several users also brought up a scene from season two of Making a Murderer, where Barb Tadych was shouting at her brother on the phone, asking him why Zellner had gone after her husband and son again.

“What the f–k is going on? Why is [Zellner] starting up with Scott and Bobby again? She’s gonna take down my f–king family again,” Barb said to Avery on the phone. Avery stated that he wasn’t sure where the evidence would take them, or who it would point to, to which his sister snapped back that it wasn’t her son or husband. “So [Zellner] better get it right out of her f–king mind,” Barb said. “You should know f–king better that it wouldn’t be my f–king kids … or Scott.”

bobby dassey

YouTubeBobby Dassey

The most chilling part of the conversation, according to many listeners, was when Barbara Tadych tells Avery that he is going to end up with a “dead sister” if Zellner’s evidence continues to point at her husband Scott and son Bobby.

The heated conversation can be heard below, but be warned that the language is very graphic. Barb Tadych’s comment about having a “dead sister” can be heard just before the one-minute mark, and then again at 16:15.

Making A Murderer: Phone call with Steven Avery, Janda & Tadych NEW EVIDENCEThis is audio from a conversation between Steven Avery, Barb Tadych (Janda) and her husband Scott Tadych. Barb is Brendan Dassey's mom. Tempers flair in this phone call. The only one who seems to remain calm is Avery. A lot of things come out in the call. Scott Tadych goes off the deep end and…2017-12-17T18:29:46.000Z

Scott Tadych eventually jumps on the phone and starts shouting at Avery. “F–k Steven Avery. He is a piece of s–t, he’s been all his f–king life,” Scott can be heard saying. “The only evidence they got is against him and he’s trying to gasp for air and blame it on somebody else. He’s a f–king loser. I wasn’t even on that property that day, you goddamn idiot.”

Barb Tadych later repeats her comments about ending up dead, but the second time sounds much more like a threat of suicide. “This needs to stop now … like I said, you will end up with a dead sister because I can’t take this s–t no more.”

Scott Tadych Has a History With Violent Charges Leading Some Viewers to Think Barbara Was Worried About Her Husband Murdering Her

Because Scott Tadych has a very public history with violence, and because a renewed light was shone on his criminal past during the documentary, many fans of the show don’t believe that Barb Tadych was threatening suicide when on the phone with her brother.

“I think the most telling part of season 2 was when Barb said to Steven that if Zellner didn’t back off of Tadych he’d ‘have a dead sister.’ I’m not convinced she was talking about suicide,” one user wrote in the comments.

Scott Tadych was charged in 1994 with criminal trespass and battery, among a handful of other charges over the years. The 1994 criminal complaint alleged he went to a woman’s home at 3 a.m. after knocking on her bed-room window and threatened, “You will die for this, bitch.” He was accused of knocking a man who was with the woman unconscious after they brawled. Shortly after the first incident, he was charged with recklessly causing bodily harm to another male and disorderly conduct and damage to property for trying to take a swing at a woman, pushing her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair and punching an 11-year-old child. In 1998, he was charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct for entering his mother’s home without permission. He is accused of shoving her and calling her vile names, according to court documents. He was also issued a restraining order in 2001 for threatening a woman, spitting on her car, shoving her and punching her, according to court records.

To be clear again, Tadych has never been arrested, charged, nor implicated by authorities in any way in connection with Halbach’s slaying. Fans who believe Tadych is connected to her death are merely speculating at this time, and no formal charges have been brought against him, nor his step-son Bobby. Zellner continues to build her case for Avery’s appeal, but Tadych has had no formal charges brought against him at this time.

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