Scott Wilson Cause of Death: How Did ‘The Walking Dead’ Hershel Actor Die?


On the eve of the premiere of Season 9 of The Walking Dead, some heartbreaking news has emerged. Scott Wilson, the actor who played Hershel on The Walking Dead, has died.

Scott Wilson, 76, died from complications from leukemia, TMZ reported. He died peacefully in his home in Los Angeles, his representative, Dominic Mancini, told TMZ.

Wilson had been traveling recently on the comic con circuit around the country this past year, so his death came as a shock to fans, reported.

The actor had more than 50 acting credits to his name, but he was particularly well known for playing Hershel, Maggie’s and Beth’s father. The beloved character’s departure from the show was heartbreaking.

There were rumors that Wilson might be returning to The Walking Dead in some form in Season 9, but the details had not been released. A New York Comic Con panel revealed his return, without any additional information.

He appeared in 37 episodes of The Walking Dead from 2011 to 2014. His most recent appearance was in a flashback.

Here is an absolutely touching tribute to Hershel and to Scott Wilson, who brought his character magnificently to life. This video has spoilers through Season 4 Episode 8 of The Walking Dead.

(TWD) Hershel Greene || I Was Not MagnificentBest Quality: 720p HD Warnings: SPOILERS UP TO 4×08 & VIOLENCE I'm so devastated by Hershel's death on the show that I just had to make a character study video about him. He was a great big part of the show and he really helped Rick through a lot of things and set him on…2013-12-08T20:17:44.000Z

Wilson made his debut in the 1967 movie In the Heat of the Night, when he played a man suspected of murder. He also starred in a movie about Truman Capote that same year. His many other credits included The OA (Abel Johnson), Robot Chicken, Damien (John Lyons), Bosch (Dr. Guyot), Justified, CSI (Sam Braun), The Host, Law & Order, Karen Sisco, The Last Samurai, The X-files, The Great Gatsby, Dead Man Walking, Pearl Harbor, Junebug, and much more. In 1980, Wilson was awarded a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Ninth Configuration. 

GettyActor Scott Wilson (L) and Heavenly Koh Wilson arrive at the premiere of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” 4th season.

Scott was married for nearly four decades to Heavenly Wilson. Heavenly was practiced as a barrister and solicitor in Western Australia, where she worked for the Child Welfare Department until she moved in 1968 to London. In 1977, she and Scott Wilson were married in Los Angeles, California. They had met in 1975 at the home of director Jack Clayton in Marlowe, England. While Scott focused on acting, Heavenly worked in the motion picture legal department for Warner Bros until 1982, when she decided to pursue art. She and Scott volunteered together with the National Endowment for the Arts.

This is a developing story. Scott Wilson will be greatly missed.

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