Shannon Beador & Husband David Are Co-Parenting Amid Nasty Divorce

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Shannon Beador and her estranged husband, David, are still going through a nasty divorce. But, Shannon has revealed that their children have been dealing quite well with the goings-on. Over the summer, Shannon told The Daily Dish that, “My kids are doing well, as well as can be expected. We’re trying to co-parent. They’re spending a lot of time with their dad. We’re trying to do it 50/50, and I want him to be a part of their lives.”

So, despite all the angry words and tension, Shannon and David continue to try to co-parent, though Shannon has stated on Real Housewives of Orange County that their daughters primarily reside with her. David has moved on with a girlfriend named Lesley Cook and Shannon revealed on an episode of Watch What Happens Live that her daughters have met Lesley and get along with her. Lesley, who is a mother herself, previously told Radar that, “David and Shannon’s daughters are absolute sweethearts, and my daughter adores them.”

Fortunately for Shannon, though she continues to go through an emotional divorce, she has gotten her physical health under control and has moved on with her own dating life as well.

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Recently, Shannon reflected on her split from her husband of nearly two decades. Shannon told People that, now a year since the break up, “I’ve learned a lot. To say in one year, I’m going to lose nearly all my weight, launch a business that so far is doing well, move on from a marriage, and strengthen friendships and established new ones? That’s a tall order! But I’ve gotten here one step at a time.”

Shannon then added that since separating from David, “I’ve gotten stronger, deep down. Part of what I did after I separated with David — while staying home, not going out, and not doing much of anything — was I tried to self-reflect and figure out the changes I wanted to make in myself … There are so many people out there who go through so much worse times than me … I’m willing and open to letting people in, and showing people all the difficulty that I’m going through — which isn’t easy, because people judge and criticize. But there are people going through way worse things.”

Over the past year, Shannon has made a great effort to get healthy, lose weight and better herself financially as well. She has even come out with her own food line for QVC, which has been shown on the Real Housewives of Orange County. The healthy food line is titled Real for Real Cuisine by Shannon Beador and it is available for purchase on the QVC website. Some of the items available include veggie burgers, lobster cakes, and apple-glazed pork tenderloins.

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David and Shannon’s most recent court appearance together was on October 15, 2018, and Radar reported that it resulted in an ugly bickering match after David was ordered to continue paying over $10,000 per month in spousal support. The former couple is scheduled to return to court in February 2019.