How to Watch ‘Heathers’ TV Show Online

Heathers TV Show Watch Online


After being postponed several times, the 2018 TV show Heathers is finally premiering on the Paramount network. The show makes its debut at 10 p.m. ET/PT and 9 p.m. CT. For those who would like to watch the show, but they don’t have a cable subscription or the Paramount channel is not available to them, there are other ways to watch the show. If you don’t have cable or can’t get to a TV, you can watch a live stream of Paramount on your computer, phone or streaming device by signing up for one of the following cable-free, live-TV streaming services:

Philo TV

Paramount is included in Philo’s main 40-channel bundle, which is the cheapest among all streaming services if you plan on keeping it long-term. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial right here, and you can then watch the show on your computer via the Philo website, or on your phone, tablet or streaming device via the Philo app.

If you can’t watch live, Philo also allows you to DVR programs and watch them up to 30 days later. And even if you forget to DVR something, Philo also comes with a 72-hour rewind feature, which allows you to replay any show or event that has aired in the last three days.

Sling TV

Paramount is included in the “Comedy Extra” add-on, which can be added to either the “Sling Orange” or “Sling Blue” channel packages. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial of any bundle you want, and you can then watch the show live on your computer via the Sling TV website, or on your phone, tablet or streaming device via the Sling TV app.

If you can’t watch live, you can get 50 hours of cloud DVR storage as an additional add-on.

In addition to the above live streaming options, for those with cable, who have Xfinity as their TV provider, the first 5 episodes of the show are available on-demand until October 29, 2018. And, season 1 of the new show is already up on Amazon, though purchase options are not yet available. Amazon users can add season 1 of Heathers to their Watchlist, though.

For those who want more information on some of the upcoming episodes, we have the plot descriptions for the season 1 episodes. Read on.

“HEATHERS” SEASON 1 EPISODE 1: The premiere is 82 minutes long and it is titled “Parts One & Two”. The episode 1 description reads, “Veronica Sawyer struggles to make sense of her path in life and her connection to her so-called best friends, the Heathers; along the way she meets JD, who may point her fate in a different direction than she could have imagined.”

“HEATHERS” SEASON 1 EPISODE 2: “Parts Three & Four” is the title of episode 2 and it runs for 80 minutes. The description of this episode states, “Fed up with JD, Veronica goes on a double date with Heather Duke; school musical auditions commence and Heather Chandler doubles down on her suicide campaign; Betty Finn has suspicions that link Veronica to an unsolved murder.”

“HEATHERS” SEASON 1 EPISODE 3: The third episode is “Parts Five & Six” and the plot synopsis of the episode states, “Betty and JD are interrogated by the police as JD is hounded with anonymous text messages tying him to his crimes; Veronica schools JD on how to be a proper boyfriend; Heather Duke and Heather Chandler spar over control of the student body.” This episode runs for 81 minutes.

“HEATHERS” SEASON 1 EPISODE 4: Episode 4 of the season is called “Parts Seven & Eight” and it is 73 minutes long. The description of this episode says, “Ousted from power, Heather Chandler decides to swallow her pride and do the impossible; Heather Duke, Heather Chandler, and Veronica end up in lockdown together.”

“HEATHERS” SEASON 1 EPISODE 5: Episode 5 is just 43 minutes long and it is titled “Part Nine”. The synopsis of this episode reads, “As prom looms around the corner, JD and Veronica are moving in opposite directions; she is closer to her friends than she has been all year, while he is trying to use prom to keep Westerburg divided.”

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