Where Was Hallmark’s ‘Falling For You’ Filmed?

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Hallmark is premiering its third fall movie tonight, as we get closer and closer to the Christmas movies. Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern, Hallmark is airing Falling for You. Read on to learn all about where the movie was filmed. (While filming, the movie was sometimes referred to as Baking for Keeps.)

According to What’s Filming, much of Falling for You (aka Baking for Keeps) was filmed in Squamish in British Columbia, Canada in July. Squamish is a town north of Vancouver with a population of about 20,000. It’s surrounded by mountains and falls, and is an absolutely beautiful location. So no, Falling for You was not filmed in New England despite the setting of the film being there. But the movie was filmed in a beautiful location that you might want to visit sometime.

Facebook/Terri FrazerShared on Facebook in the District of Squamish.

In Falling for You, Taylor Cole plays Lacey, the manager of a small town New England radio station who’s facing tough times. She goes on location and tells human-interest stories that help keep the town together, and helps out where can, Cole explained to OnTVToday.

Some scenes were filmed in Stan Clarke Park and Garibaldi Highlands in Squamish.  Some scenes were also filmed at Quest University in Squamish.

Here’s another cute behind-the-scenes photo posted on Facebook by Terri Frazer:

Some scenes were also filmed at Sunflower Bakery Cafe in Squamish. If you live in the area you really should visit, because apparently they have a world-famous pumpkin pie.

Alison Wandzura, who co-stars on Falling for You, told My Devotional Thoughts that a lot of their work was done in a barn with about 150 people.

“Now, it wasn’t like a rugged barn,” she told My Devotional Thoughts. “But it was a nice barn; it was rustic but nice. You could have a wedding in there. But everyone was packed into this barn. It was long hours, and you either get sweaty and complain about it, or you start giggling about everything. I was just deliriously giddy about being there… We had a lot of fun filming in the barn.” (You can read the full interview here.)

You might also be interested in knowing that Dater’s Handbook filmed a lot of scenes in the Squamish area too.

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