Abby Law Smyers, Dan Smyer’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Abby Law and Dan Smyers

Getty Abby Law and Dan Smyers attend the 2018 CMT Music Awards.

Dan Smyers, of the country music duo Dan + Shay, is up for four 2018 CMA awards. Though the song they are nominated for is “Tequila,” their newest single, “Speechless,” is meant to sum up the way they both felt the first time they saw their brides on their wedding day. Both men were married in 2017; Smyers married his wife, Abby Law, in May 2017.

Dan and Abby dated for three and a half years before he proposed on the beach in Hawaii in November 2016. Before their wedding, which was held in Nashville, Smyers told People that “It’ll be nice to make it official. Everybody’s story is different, everybody’s timeline is different but by the time we got engaged, we were so familiar with each other that there wasn’t anything foreign or scary.”

Dan Smyers’ has quickly risen to fame and into the public eye, but here’s what you need to know about his wife, Abby Law Smyers:

1. She Is a Major Dog-Lover

Not only do she and her husband have three dogs of their own, the two are foster parents for puppies. Most recently, they fostered a puppy named Savvy, who was adopted at the end of September. On the day she brought the pup to her “forever home,” Abby posted a selfie with Savvy, and included in the caption “Letting go of fosters is always tough (some tougher than others, this one was extra hard) but it just makes room for helping more in the future.”

Many of her posts to Instagram focus on her three dogs and her fosters, and she has also posted adorable photos of adoptable pups, with the links on how to apply to adopt them. When Law and Smyers got married, Law told People that they mad a fundraiser for the animal rescue center they participate with, Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue, part of their wedding. She said “We’ve included a fundraiser for Proverbs in our registry. We’ve built a life together over the past few years and didn’t really need a lot of stuff, so we included it if someone wants to donate.”

2. She Quit Her ‘Stable Job’ They Could Pursue Dan’s Music ‘Together’

In a throwback Instagram post celebrating Dan + Shay’s CMA nominations, Law explained in the caption that “This photo is a photo of two kids over five years ago who decided to go on a crazy adventure together. I quit my stable job… We had no idea where life would take us but we surely knew we loved each other and we wanted to do it together.”

By taking that leap of faith with her then-boyfriend, Abby has been able to be a part of so much of the duo’s success, and to watch and appreciate each step they’ve taken along the way. She is a constant support of their hard work and accomplishments, and is not shy about recognizing that she’s been there to witness their ups and downs.

3. She Is a Brand Ambassador on Instagram

Abby has amassed over 30,000 followers on Instagram, and posts actively. While many of those followers are likely fans of her husbands, she has become a trendsetter and public figure in her own right. According to her posts, she is an ambassador for brands such as Diff Eyewear, Hello Fresh, Fab Fit Fun, and The Dry House Nashville (who have many notable clients from the country music world).

When advertising the brands who sponsor her, she keeps her posts and captions true to who she is as a person, and what is important to her. In a Fab Fit Fun ad, she wrote “Those that know me know I’m obsessed with dogs, fitness and skincare.” The Dry House appears to have styled her and her bridesmaid’s hair on the day of her wedding. Through these posts, she allows followers a deeper insight into who she is as a person, not only as “wife to Dan Smyers.”

4. She Asked Dan When He Was Planning on Proposing

After Shay and Hannah got engaged, Dan admitted that everyone was asking him when he would pop the question to Abby, including Abby herself. Right after his music partner’s engagement, Dan told Taste of Country that the question of “when” was coming from “Everyone. Everyone. Especially her. It’ll happen. It’s only a matter of time.”

5. She & Shay’s Wife, Hannah, Are Friends

Since Abby and Shay’s wife, Hannah, are often together for their husbands’ shows and events, it is convenient that the two women appear to have built a friendship. Abby even captioned one red carpet photo of the two women and their husbands “The Fam.” In another, the two affectionately refer to one another as “Mrs. Smyers” and “Mrs. Mooney.”

Separate from her friendship with Hannah, Abby seems to have a lot of close female friends with whom she enjoys nights out and trips abroad. She referred to her wedding, for which she had nine women in her bridal party, as “an excuse to get all of you in the same city.” Abby recently turned 30, and acknowledges “how things have changed” with posts sharing her best friends’ milestones, from marriages to birthdays to first children.

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