Is Albertsons Open or Closed on Thanksgiving 2018? What Are the Hours?



It’s Thanksgiving Day and you may be looking for some last-minute supplies for that big meal you’re cooking for your friends and family. Unfortunately, many stores are closed today, making your quest a bit tougher. But luckily, Albertsons is not one of them. Albertsons stores are typically open on Thanksgiving day, although they have more limited hours. Pharmacies are different, and some may be closed even if the stores are open.

Many Albertsons stores are typically open for all day on Thursdays, but for Thanksgiving Day their hours will be shorter and they’ll be opening slightly later and closing earlier. You may want to call your Albertsons location to find out just what time it’s going to be open.

For example, the Albertsons in Fullerton, California is open on Thanksgiving at 6 a.m. (opening one hour later than normal) and it closes at 9 p.m. (two hours earlier than it normally closes on Thursdays.) The pharmacy, however, will be closed all day even though it’s normally open on Thursdays. Meanwhile, the Dallas Casa Linda location is closing at 5 p.m. (instead of it’s normal midnight closing on Thursdays), and opening at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving. The pharmacy will be closed. The Albertsons in Boise on Broadway will be closing at 4 p.m. As you can see, most stores are open but the exact hours vary from location to location.

To find out the hours for your Albertsons on Thanksgiving Day, just click here and then choose your location.  Choose “view store details” to see the hours for Thanksgiving.

Albertsons has quite a few holiday dinners available, ready to heat and share, in case you don’t want to put everything together yourself. You can buy a baked turkey that serves 8 to 10 and comes with cornbread dressing, gravy, and rolls, or a turkey breast that serves six to eight and comes with gravy, dressing, and rolls. You can also get a smoked turkey that serves 8 to 10 and comes with gravy, cornbread dressing, and rolls or a holiday ham that serves 8 to 10 and comes with green bean casserole, potatoes au gratin, sweet potato souffle, and rolls.

Albertsons does have a grocery delivery service, but they don’t typically deliver holiday dinners. However, this may vary by location, so check with your local Albertsons to find out. The Albertsons in Boise on Broadway, for example, has a holiday guide that you can read here.

Albertsons also features recipes on their website here.

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