Ariana Grande Kisses Courtney Chipolone in ‘Mean Girls’ Snap

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Ariana Grande is making waves online after she posted a photo of herself locking lips with another female — someone that she refers to as her “first cousin” in the photo’s caption. In actuality, the two girls are just best friends. In fact, Courtney Chipolone often appears in photos and videos shared by Grande — and vice versa. Grande was making a Mean Girls reference in the caption.

“‘Yeah but she’s my FIRST cousin,'” Grande captioned the photo, tagging Courtney. Grande is seen hanging out with two girlfriends. Her head is turned to the side and her eyes are closed as she shares a fairly innocent peck with the brunette sitting next to her. You can see the photo below.

It didn’t take long for the photo to receive several comments, with fans questioning the pic, many commenting on how kissing one’s “cousin” is incest — which is a “lesson” learned for all thanks to Mean Girls character Karen Smith, who says that making out with your first cousins is more than okay.

“Wait [you] know what this means……… SWEET HOME ALABAMA,” wrote one Instagram user. 

“Isn’t that incest?” wrote another.

“She’s my first cousin lol kissing cousins ffs,” added a third. And the comments haven’t stopped there. The photo has received more than 770,000 likes since it was posted (about 25 minutes ago).

Many Instagram users were quick to catch on to Grande’s reference and commented as such in the comments section of the post. A few Instagram users seem to be harping on the “kissing my cousin” aspect of Grande’s photo, however, perhaps not knowing that Ariana and Courtney are just good friends and the post is just meant to be fun. There is nothing particularly raunchy or overly sexualized about the photo at all.

Keeping up with the Mean Girls theme, Grande posted a couple of additional photos, using lines from the film as her captions. You can check them out below.

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