Ashley Martson and Jay Smith on ’90 Day Fiance’

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith


Ashley Martson and Jay Smith are one of the couples on season 6 of 90 Day Fiance. They are dealing with an age difference, as well as a cultural difference, so time will tell if they are meant to be together. According to Us Weekly, the couple met at a club when Martson was in Jamaica for a wedding. After not much time together, Smith proposed to Martson and she accepted. Reality TV World has reported that Smith’s real name is Conroy Smith.

While Martson is 31 years old, Smith is just 20 and Martson told the cameras on 90 Day Fiance that she wouldn’t even care if Smith had been cheating on her while he was still living in Jamaica and she was in Pennsylvania. Martson has been engaged twice before meeting Smith.

So, are Martson and Smith still together? According to Romper, though nothing has been confirmed, the couple appears to be still together and may even be married. Starcasm reported that Smith and Martson had their wedding on May 26, 2018 in Martson’s hometown of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Recently, reports came out about Martson’s past. The reality star was kidnapped at the age of 19 years old, according to Starcasm. On social media, Martson said that a friend of hers was leaking the story to the media, so she wanted to come out with, what she considered to be, a more accurate statement on her own behalf. Martson wrote online, “When I was 19 I was kidnapped, raped, and almost killed by a stranger.”

So, what happened? According to The Hollywood Gossip, in 2005, Martson was on her way to work when a man named Sean Patrick Gallagher attempted to rob her, pressing a box cutter to her throat. She told him that she had no money and he forced her into the back of her car. Gallagher reportedly tied Martson up and drove her to a field where he “terrorized and sexually assaulted her”. Martson chewed through her zip ties and managed to escape after hitting Gallagher with her bag.

In court, prosecutor Jennifer Russell stated that, “He [Gallagher] bound her hands with zip ties so tight, her hands turned blue. She was terrified he was going to kill her.” Police then said that, at one point, Gallagher told Martson she could leave, but then said, “Nah, I would rather kill you. I don’t want to go to jail.” Martson actually addressed Gallagher in court, telling him, “How dare you make me come here and tell everyone what you did to me. You are a sick person … I hope bad things come to you in jail, and I hope you rot in hell.” Gallagher was already in prison, serving time for another charge when he was convicted.

In addition to the kidnapping story being released, Martson and her fiance have been in the media for a public feud they’ve had with Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor. Taylor, who has been a fan of the 90 Day Fiance franchise, made some unflattering comments about the couple’s appearances and a feud erupted, according to Hollywood Life.

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