Does Chandler, Rhylee or Caroline Get Fired on ‘Below Deck’ This Season?

Who Gets Fired On Below Deck


UPDATE: At the start of the episode airing on November 27, 2018, Chandler was fired in a very calm and amicable meeting with Kate Chastain and the Captain. Next, Caroline sat down with the crew and Kate to say that she was giving her two days notice to quit and she blamed Josiah and Kate for her leaving. The situation turned explosive the next day when Caroline decided to sleep instead of work and remain in her cabin.

At least one person gets fired on season 6 of Below Deck. Who is it? Let’s break it all down … At one point in the season trailer, Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain is shown telling Captain Lee, “If you don’t fire her, I quit.” So, in that respect, it definitely sounds like a female getting fired. Kate bumped heads with Rhylee Gerber earlier on in the season, but Gerber is a part of the deck crew. This means she isn’t in Kate’s space as much. Caroline Bedol, on the other hand, has proven to be ultra-sensitive and has been criticized by Chef Adrian for bringing the mood down on the boat. She is the third stew, which means that her job is not considered as valuable as some of the other high-ranking positions on the boat. Caroline has continued to voice to Kate that she felt left out of Kate and fellow stew Josiah Carter’s friendship. She also appeared to be overwhelmed at times.

Then, Caroline had some kind of allergic reaction, or a reaction to a bite of some kind, on her foot, which caused it to blow up. Caroline’s foot continued to cause her pain and she needed time to heal. As a result, the world load increased for Kate and Josiah. Kate was becoming increasingly impatient with the situation, so there’s a good chance the situation could reach a boiling point. In addition, Chef Adrian, who criticized Caroline to her face, is shown with Kate in a preview trailer, knocking on a crew member’s cabin door, telling them they had one hour to vacate the yacht. These are the two main people who have issues with Caroline, so there’s a good chance Caroline gets fired this season, especially if her foot prevents her from keeping up with the workload.

Another clue that Caroline could be fired is in the press photos. On the official NBC site, Caroline’s is the only official cast photo missing. Then again, that could always be an oversight.

Getting back to Gerber, she is shown as a part of the accident where fellow deckhand Ashton gets dangerously pulled from the boat. If any of that nearly deadly situation is her fault, she could get the axe. But, bosun Chandler could definitely face penalty way before Gerber. Brooks has had problems with all of his crew, as well as the Captain, this season. He’s been criticized by them for poor communication, a lack of scheduling, and other mistakes. The Captain has been less than pleased with him and preview clips have shown Captain Lee saying that he may be putting through a change of order on deck. Ross Inia, who is the lead deckhand this season, has been doing a great job. Both Ashton and Rhylee have said to each other that they think Ross would be a better bosun. Perhaps if Captain Lee doesn’t get rid of Chandler, he’ll demote him and give Ross more responsibility.

It’s clear that the Captain has very strong opinions about Chandler, as he recently wrote in his blog, “Chandler, just a couple of points that I think could help you out. I don’t think anyone is going to give anyone respect just because they demand it. IMO, it’s something that is earned by one’s actions and how they treat people and situations. I would have left Ashton at the club and let him explain to you in the a.m. when he was sober why he thought that his behavior was proper.”

There have been a couple seasons of the show where multiple people have gotten fired, so there’s always the chance that more than one cast member could be given a plane ticket home this season.