Twitter Roasts Drake Over Fight At Pusha T’s Toronto Show

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Pusha T’s performance at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall was interrupted on Tuesday when attendees appeared to rush the stage and throw beer at the rapper. Footage of the altercation show that the attendees never actually touched Pusha, however, who returned to the stage to perform “Infrared” and “The Story of Adidon”, diss tracks aimed at Toronto’s favorite son, Drake.

Pusha continued to bash Drake after the set was over, going as far as to speculate that he was behind the attendees who tried to rush the stage. “He paid people to come here?” he asked the audience. “Don’t he know where I’m from?” Watch a video clip of Pusha’s rant below.

Pusha T Accused Drake of Orchestrating the Onstage Attack

Needless to say, Pusha’s comments, and the harmless encounter he faced onstage, has led many Twitter users to poke fun at Drizzy and the thought that he would hire attendees just to give his enemy a hard time. Many users targeted the rapper’s perceived softness in comparison to Pusha, as well as his persona as a passive aggressive opponent.

“So Pusha T in Drake city. Drake hires “goons” to throw liquid on stage. “Goons” get beat up,” wrote one user. “Then he performs his Drake disses in front of a sold out crowd in Drake hometown and they all rapping along. I cannot make this up. Hold that L Drake.”

Another tweeted out: “@PUSHA_T’s bodyguards bodied dude on stage, then the fans beat his a*s while the audience booed, then the audience started chanting @PUSHA_T, he came back on stage & everybody rapped Don’t Like & Infared. Another L for @Drake.”

Check out some of the best reactions below.

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Twitter Users Poked Fun at Drake & His Trademark ‘Soft’ Persona

Another point of humor for fans was the method in which these attendees tried to attack Pusha. “All I can say is Drake better not be performing in Pusha T’s turf anytime soon,” wrote one weary user. “Them n**gas won’t pour liquids on him, they carry guns.”

A second user tweeted: “You’re an adult Drake fan who felt so invested in his personal affairs that you hopped on stage to assault Pusha T on his behalf. Now you’re being stomped out by security and you will likely need a lawyer. troubling.” Check out additional memes and reactions mocking the methods of Pusha’s “attackers” below.

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Sources Claim That Members of Drake’s Camp Bought 200 Tickets to Pusha’s Show

Sources familiar with the situation told Complex that they heard rumblings of Drake and those affiliated with his camp purchasing 200 tickets to the show in order to cause a scene during Pusha’s set. This has not yet been confirmed.

It’s currently unclear whether there will be any more details that emerge in the coming hours, or whether Drake or Pusha will release a statement commenting on the altercation.

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