‘HTGAWM’ 11/1 Spoilers & Recap: Who Dies Tonight?

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On Thursday, fans were forced to say goodbye to Nate Sr. on an all-new episode of HTGAWM. And as a result of his death, social media exploded, with many people mourning Nate Sr.’s untimely loss.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Last week, Nate Sr.’s case at the center of the episode. He gave an emotional testimony on the stand, and Annalise took to the floor to share some of Nate Sr.’s experience in solitary confinement with a powerful moment of silence.

The jury found him not guilty. What made tonight’s death even worse is that Nate Sr. forgave his son during last week’s episode. Their amends will likely mean a feud between Nate Jr. and Annalise moving forward.

On the Nov. 1 episode of HTGAWM, Annalise made a call to the Governor after receiving an employment offer, saying she wants Nate Sr completely pardoned if she is to work with Birkhead. Fast forward a few scenes and Annalise is storming into the Governor’s office, saying she’s going to turn down the job. The Governor says that she isn’t Annalise’s enemy. She also says that Nate Sr. will be pardoned only if Annalise accepts the offer.

Annalise goes back to Emmett and tells him that while she was going to turn the Governor down, she couldn’t do that with the prospect of freeing Nate Sr., the man who gave her “back her career”.

Nate Jr. then finds out, through Annalise, that his father will be a free man. He also gives his father the address of his victim’s brother so he can write him a letter. Nate Sr. says that writing a note to the family is the “sanest” thing he’ll have done in years.

But in the final moments of the episode, just when Nate Sr. is about to be transported to a new facility and everyone is happy with the news of his pardoning, we see him dead, with blood pooled around the letter he was writing to the victim’s family.

In other news, Bonnie’s sister may know the identity of her son. That’s right– Bonnie goes to visit Julie, and confronts her about her baby. Before Julie can divulge any more secrets, she says she neds to go to an NA meeting, and bolts. Lo and behold, Frank is at the meeting, and records Julie saying that she has secrets that would “kill” Bonnie.

Meanwhile, Bonnie finds an unregistered gun in the house. She approaches her sister about it, saying that if this got out, she would end up in jail.

When Frank meets up with Bonnie later, he tells her that Julie has been arrested in the past– she was found in a home where a family lives. That family has a son named Jake. Could it be Bonnie’s son? Why is Julie keeping so many secrets from her sister?