Is ‘The Conners’ on TV Tonight? – Election Day 2018

Is The Conners on TV Tonight

ABC/Robert Trachtenberg Pictured: Maya Lynne Robinson as Geena Williams-Conner, Jayden Rey as Mary, Michael Fishman as D.J. Conner, John Goodman as Dan Conner, Laurie Metcalf as Jackie Harris, Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner, Emma Kenney as Harris Conner, Ames McNamara as Mark, and Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner.

The Conners airs on Tuesday nights, on the ABC network, from 8 – 8:30 p.m. ET/PT and 7 – 7:30 p.m. CT. Viewers were probably expecting to see a new episode of the show in its normal time slot tonight, but they will have to wait another week. Episode 4 of The Conners will air on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, in the show’s regular time slot.

The fourth episode of the season is titled “The Separation of Church and Dan” and the plot synopsis of the episode reads, “When Geena learns that D.J. hasn’t been taking Mary to church, she insists they go as a family; Mark’s attempt to conduct an unbiased survey on the upcoming election for his school project goes south when Jackie volunteers to help.” Episode 5, which will air on November 20, 2018, is titled “Miracles”. The plot description of “Miracles” states, “A member of the family makes a life-changing announcement; Dan suspects Becky isn’t holding up her end of the bargain with regard to her drinking; Darlene continues to look for a job; Jackie offers English lessons to a busboy.”

Instead of The Conners, the ABC News 2018 Midterm Election coverage will air on ABC, from 8- 11 p.m. ET/PT. If you would like to catch up on episodes of The Conners and have a cable subscription or login information, viewers can watch episodes of the show on the ABC website. Episodes of The Conners are also available for individual purchase on Amazon.

Many of the networks are overtaken by Election Day coverage today, which means there are plenty of shows on hiatus for the week. The Voice, This Is Us, New Amsterdam, Black-ish, and The Rookie are just a few of the shows that are not on TV tonight because of Election Day 2018.

On May 29, 2018, ABC canceled Roseanne and about three weeks later, The Conners was born. The Conner family is back, sans star Roseanne Barr, and they are moving forward without their matriarch. While some have voiced on social media that they miss Barr’s presence on the show, NBC News has stated that The Conners is the reboot the Roseanne series should have started with, in the first place.

Prior to the start of the new spin-off reboot, stars Sara Gilbert and John Goodman sat down with GMA host Michael Strahan to discuss what path the Conner family would be taking without Barr. Goodman talked about what it was like to film with the cast, but without Roseanne Barr, and he said, “The first week was really weird. It was like there was a death in the family. We really missed her a whole lot … We just tried to do our best to fill in, and we are just thankful for the opportunity to be able to do it again.” He also stated, “It’s really difficult and difficult in real life as well.”

For those who may have forgotten, Barr made an offensive comment on social media that got her hit show canceled and ruined her career. Barr apologized, but the damage was done. She ended up signing over her rights to the show so that the rest of the cast and crew could continue on, creating a spin-off of the Roseanne revival.

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