Jeff Lewis & Jenni Pulos’ Break Up: Will They Ever Make Up?

Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos

Instagram Pictured: Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos.

Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos were longtime friends and stars of the Bravo hit show Flipping Out. Over the years, Lewis has been Pulos’ employer, as well as best friend. He was there for her during her divorce, her remarriage, and the birth of her children, while she was there for him through all his ups and downs, along with the birth of his daughter, Monroe. In fact, Pulos is godmother to Monroe. This past season on Flipping Out, Pulos’ role had changed since she focuses more on her family, her own business endeavors and her acting career. As a result, Lewis took on a full-time assistant.

Unfortunately, Lewis and Pulos began to butt heads, which resulted in a blowout fight, with Pulos leaving the company. It appears that both Lewis and Pulos are devastated by the fallout. Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen has voiced his distress over the situation as well, on an episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Recently, on his Sirius XM radio show “Jeff Lewis Live”, Lewis admitted that he regrets his fight with Pulos on the show. According to People, Lewis stated, “I have looked at this episode and I have had a lot of time to think about it and I wish I would have handled it differently. I probably should have not called her out in front of other people because that really embarrassed her. It wasn’t worth losing a friendship over. So I have deep regrets about that.”

Previously, after the firing and end to the friendship, Lewis claimed that Pulos filed claims of wrongful termination and abuse and victimization against him. Pulos has denied this.

When talking about her feelings on the fallout, Pulos said on Watch What Happens Live that she feels “heartbroken about how it’s all transpired, but I wish him the best and I always have.” She also said she will continue to love Monroe and be her godmother “from afar for now”.

Lewis also sounded disappointed about the split when he stopped in to chat with Andy Cohen on a different episode of WWHL. Lewis lamented, “I’ve been watching the show and I already miss her, I will tell you that. I already miss her. But when somebody crosses the line, it’s kind of hard to get over … I’m a very forgiving guy, and never say never, but when someone reports you for abuse to your bosses, it’s kind of something that’s hard to get over.”

A mutual friend of Lewis and Pulos, Shannon Beador, also weighed in on the break up. Beador said, “I’ll make a prediction: I give it a couple years. I think it’s going to take a couple years. Because you’re like me, it takes time to process.” Meanwhile, a source told People, “It’s sad. They used to be inseparable but their differences just got too big to overcome. They found fame together so there was always this thought that nothing could tear them apart, but that hasn’t been the case. They’ll never come back from this. It’s over.”

Do you think that Jeff and Jenni will ever be friends again?